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Can I rent and drive with a non-Canadian license?

You can drive in the Canada if:
* You hnew a valid drivers license or driving permit from another country
* Your overseas license or driver permit is current and valid,
* You’ve not received a disqualification or suspension in the Canada
* You have entered Canada less than 6 months ago
* Your overseas license is in English (if it’s not, you must have an accurate translation)
* If you have an accurate translation you also need to be able to present your overseas license at pick up
* You’ve not been granted a Canadian driver license, and
* You have not renewed, requalified or reinstated a Canadian driver license since you last entered the Canada

You cannot drive in the Canada if:
* Your overseas license has expired or is suspended, revoked or disqualified in the country of issue; or
* You have had a 28 day suspension, been served a suspension for demerit points or been disqualified by the courts in the Canada.
* If you cannot present your overseas license together with the accurate translation