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How do refunds work?

If you cancel a reservation, your refund amount is determined by:

  • Your host’s cancellation policy.
  • How close you are to starting your trip.

If you’d like to request a bigger refund, you can message your host through your Outdoorsy account. Any additional refund will be at their discretion.

In rare cases, you may be eligible for a full refund if you had to cancel because of extenuating circumstances.

A host can request a refund for their guest by contacting us at support@outdoorsy.com or +1-877-723-7232 (toll-free).

COVID-19 and cancellations

We’re currently unable to adapt our policies for COVID-19. Though we made exceptions in the past, our original cancellation policies are once again in place. This is for the protection of our valued guests and dedicated hosts.

Before booking a planned vacation or last-minute getaway, please examine the host’s cancellation policy thoroughly. Also, look into how COVID-19 may be affecting your travel destination.