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How to send a customized quote

Outdoorsy owners are able to send over a customized quote to any renter on the platform. Sending over a quote is a great opportunity to accommodate a renter quickly and tailor it especially to them. Sending over a quote allows you to choose a different nightly rate, personalized add-ons, and even a different security deposit amount. What is great about sending over a quote is that it’s only a two step process. The owner sends over the quote and the renter accepts and pays. Voila, you’re booked! 

Quotes are great for accommodating last minute renters in a timely manner and or setting up a personalized reservation for friends and family. When you send over a quote with a different nightly rate, it will not affect your pricing when your rig comes up in the search. The quotes are a one time deal so there is no need to worry about another renter jumping in on the specialized pricing! 

To send a customized quote, follow the steps below: 

  1. Press on Bookings at the top of your Outdoorsy Dashboard 
  2. Click on “Send a Quote” 
  3. Select the applicable dates 
  4. Select the applicable rig, name of renter, email address and phone number and press “Start your Quote” 
  5. Select whether you would like to add delivery and press “Next” 
  6. If you do not want to change your regular pricing or make any additional changes select “send quote immediately” If you would like to customize the quote press “Save and edit details” 
  7. Choose your nightly rate, add-ons, security deposit amount and cancellation policy. 
  8. Once your quote is personalized and ready to go press “Save and Review” 
  9. The booking details page will show up and you are now ready to press “Send Quote” 

Once the renter receives the notification and they accept the quote, they will be charged and have a confirmed booking!