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Publicado el August 25, 2016

You’ve decided to make a detour through the exquisite Napa Valley and pick up a few bottles of the best the region has to offer. A campfire is roaring and dinner is just about ready. You prepare the glasses. It’s in that heartbreaking moment you realize that no one thought to bring a corkscrew. Thankfully, every adventurer brings along a multi-tool that strangely enough has this special feature. Only, you’re not that adventurous and turns out, neither is your brother Bill.

Your Must-Have Checklist Starts Here: 1.The Multi-tool

don't forget RV tools

This may seem like an obvious choice, but there is a large variety of tools on the market, that all have different and special features such as mini scissors, saws, screwdrivers, corkscrews, tweezers, and more. They are very handy during tricky situations and will be missed in emergencies.

2. A Small Ax

There is nothing worse than getting to a campsite and not having any tinder to get those large pieces of wood burning, where a few simple flicks of an ax could have resolved the issue in an instant. Stubborn ropes and pieces of clothing that get stuck and may lead to injury can also be hacked quickly.

3. Anti-histamine

Many people don’t realize they have allergies until they actually have an adventure in the great outdoors.

4. Airtight and Waterproof Containers

There are fantastic trips and then there are the not-so-fantastic ones. The latter is often caused by sudden rains which can wreak havoc in a campsite, whether guests are staying in a tent or an RV. Waterproof containers in all sizes go a long way in keeping things dry, such as wood, matches, books, food, and more.

5. Padlocks and Bike Chains

Instead of leaving one person behind all the time to watch the stuff, investing in a few security items can help deter would-be thieves.

6. A Waterproof Jacket

This could be a raincoat or a reversible jacket, which will come in handy for a number of different reasons, such as walking through a tropical rainforest, near waterfalls, or the event of a downpour.

7. Portable Lighting

The RV may provide plenty of lighting indoors, but there are always areas in a campsite that deserve a bit of extra lighting.

8. Charging Docking Stations

charging docking station for rv travel

Those who simply have to stay online or love using technology to enhance their camping experiences will want to invest in a multiport charging system or even USB docking stations. This will allow a few different devices to charge at the same time as electricity outlets are scarce in the great outdoors. You’ll definitely be glad to have this on your must-have checklist.

9. Magazines and Books

There will be those moments on extended camping trips where the mind will start wandering and killing time will finally be an option. Those who want to just sit back and relax can lose themselves in their favorite book or magazine.

10. Play yard for kids

play yard for RV travel

Those who have tiny toddlers know the anxiety of keeping an eye on them all the time, especially when they cannot be contained to the interior of the house. These are perfect for keeping the little one dry, entertained, and comfortable. This is especially handy where campfires, ravines, and large bodies of water are concerned.

11. Crate or Box for Wet Shoes

must have items for rv travel
It’s funny to have a photo of a plain cardboard box, which is why this is here.

Spending time in the great outdoors often mean an encounter with either dirt or mud and sometimes both. Trampling in that dirt or mud into the tent or RV can make the experience pretty unpleasant. A box or crate with lining at the bottom can contain the dirt to one area. It’s not an obvious must-have checklist item, but it will be one you’re thankful for.

12. Portable Clothesline

portable clothesline rv travel

Those summer camping trips close to the lake or swimming pools mean lots of wet clothing and towels. The portable clothesline will make the most out of the summer sun.

13. A Water Bottle with Sling

This may seem like a bit of a splurge, but taking on those hikes or challenging walks often require both hands to be free. Instead of risking losing the water bottle, a sling goes a long way.

Your Must-Have Checklist ends here…or does it? We’d love to hear if you think we’re missing anything! Comment below or on Facebook.

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