15 Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers

Lisa BrownNovember 24, 2017

15 Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers
15 holiday gift ideas

Want to find the perfect gift for the RVer in your life? Here are a few things to consider:

Think practical and multi-functional. RVers don’t have the space to display or store knick-knacks, wear big fuzzy slippers or cook with heavy bowls or awkward shaped dishes.

For example, we certainly don’t need a 10-piece baking set nor do we use heavy pottery bowls. But, a lot of us still yearn for good quality culinary tools; only lighter weight, smaller and multi-functional.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be a difficult guessing game for those looking for gift ideas for RVers. Stumped on what to put under the tree? Why not just ask them? However, if you want to really surprise them, read this guide that provides some worthy and appreciable ideas.

gift ideas for RVers

Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy RVer:

Outland Firebowl– These are fabulous! Most RV parks don’t allow wood burning fires anymore so this is the next best thing. It’s fueled by propane which most RVers and campers already have. Check out which Outland Firebowl would work the best for your gift recipient. Ours cost about $140. Oh and by the way, you can also purchase a carrying case for easy transporting and tidy storage.

Outland Firebowl

Wondershade Umbrella – This was introduced to us by a dear friend and seriously, I’m in love with my Wondershade Umbrella when I blog outside in my zero gravity chair (described below). This umbrella can be anchored into the ground with stakes (included) and provides enough shade for me to enjoy working or napping outside. It’s super easy to deploy, compact to stow and super portable. I take mine to the beach, picnics and outdoor concerts. These cost only $50.

Wondershade Umbrella

Zero Gravity Chair – Your RVer will absolutely love you if you gift one…no, make that two of these.  While they may be more pricey than a simple lawn chair, they make stargazing, cloud watching and campfires fun and relaxing as it reclines. Oh, and they’re great for taking an afternoon nap or catching a few rays. Here’s a cool blog that reviews the 4 Best Zero Gravity Chairs on the Market Today.

Gift Ideas for RV Safety:

First Aid Kit – I posted in an earlier blog here on Outdoorsy’s blog about First Aid Kits. This is a ‘must have’ for RVers and campers alike.  Of course, you can custom-make or personalize a First Aid Kit, but if you don’t have the time, you can purchase one already equipped with the basic essentials. Get one! It will show you care about their health and wellness.

First Aid Kit

Fire Extinguisher – Like the first aid kit, this is another a ‘must have’ that you can buy at any big box store. Just make sure you pay attention to the expiration date.  Small portable ones come with mountable wall brackets for the kitchen galley area, bedroom, basement cargo compartment and even the vehicle. RVers can never have too many fire extinguishers.

GE Personal Security Window or Door Alarms – These are just cool little piece-of-mind gadgets that can be mounted inconspicuously to the inside of RV entrance doors or windows. They have an alarm that will loudly alert if someone enters or exits your RV while you’re still on the premises. These are a great for RVers who have escape artist pets, small children, teens or wandering elderly. Here’s a great installation video showing you how they work. They’re not expensive as a packaged set of four costs only about $20.

Gift Ideas for the RV Tech Guru:

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – These little guys just rock! We love our portable bluetooth speaker that we can listen to music, audio books and other media venues inside and outside our RV. We take it with us when we go on picnics and outings. Check out some other Solar Friendly Tech Must-Haves for RVers that make great gifts to put under the tree this year!

Bluetooth Speaker

Dash Cam – We all hope never to get into an accident however, if you ever do, this could be evidence needed for insurance claims or court. These can be purchased online, at big box or electronics stores. They are great reassurance tech gadgets that could save their wallet in the end. Ours came with a Micro SD/SDHC card that records for a specified amount of time and loop records until you stop it. These range in price from about $40 and higher. Get one for yourself while you’re at it!

Gift Ideas for the RV Cook or Chef:

Collapsible Bowls and KitchenwareSeemingly, space and weight is a premium in RV galleys. What better than these cool collapsible kitchen products? There are several companies who manufacture these; Progressive and Squish being two of our favorites. Included in our collapsible collection are a salad spinner which doubles as a strainer and bowl, large salad bowl, colander, produce keeper, and measuring cups.  They take very little space, stack nicely and slide in on their sides. They are quite versatile.  Oh and did we mention that there is also collapsible dishpans, dish drying rack and yes, even a laundry basket?  Making a gift basket using the laundry basket and filling it with all of the other collapsible kitchenware will bring huge smiles to your RVer’s faces!

Read our product review of Collapsible Kitchen Bowls & Gadgets.

Instant Pot You can’t ever go wrong with this awesome gift that comes in a variety of sizes based on family needs. Amazingly, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker does the work of several small kitchen appliances. This preset, push-button appliance is simple to operate. It sautes, stews and bakes, steams rice, makes yogurt.  You can also purchase a glass lid separately, like we did, to use instead of the pressure cooking lid for slow cooking soups, stews and roasts. You can buy the Instant Pot for $100 on up. So, ditch the crockpot and rice cooker and gift one of these instead.

Instant Pot

NuWave Induction Cooktop – Even though we mostly cook on our gas cooktop inside, there are times when we are hooked up to electricity that we want to cook outside (especially the stinky or greasy stuff). These cooktops heat evenly, cool quickly, are safe, easy to clean and store flat. Here’s a more in-depth on the NuWave Induction Cooktop. Important to note, make certain you use induction-safe cookware, otherwise, the appliance won’t work on non-induction safe cookware. I’ve listed below is my recommendation!

Magma Nesting Cookware – These are RVer’s answer to culinary easy-to-store cookware! The Magma stainless steel pots and pans handles are removable and nest inside each other for compact storage. There are two options to buy; for regular gas/electric and induction-safe.  Make sure you purchase the right set for your RV owner’s cooktop. These cookware sets  start at $100.

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Adventurers:

Binoculars – Adventurers, hiker, cyclists, birders, geocachers and RVers will love a good set of binoculars and they will be a huge hit under the tree. Try to gift small ones as they fit better inside backpacks or bags. I highly recommend your local camping, hunting and fishing store to get the good recommendations, quality and decent warranties. One thing to remember, this is one of those things, “you get what you pay for”. 

Handheld GPS – Do you have a geocacher or hiker on your holiday gift list? Well, this little handy-dandy device will serve them proudly. Consider buying one based on needs of the user; simple ones for beginners and more complex handheld GPS units for experts. We  recently blogged about involving children in Geocaching in “5 Cool Camping Activities for Kids”. Wouldn’t this make a great family gift for adventuring family RVers?

Trekking Poles – We’ve talked about these in our blog back in September, “The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Gear and Essentials”. These don’t have to break your wallet and your hiking RVers will love them! They can be purchased at sports and camping stores for different levels and comfort at various price points. They are telescoping so they size down for easy storage or transport on their backpacks when they are not using them. Oh, and seeing these wrapped under the tree, your gift recipients will be forever guessing!

Now, if you’re strapped for cash or you just want a couple trinkets to put in their stockings, here are some cool inexpensive ideas:

Don’t Forget the Stocking Stuffers!

  • Camping Multi-Tool 
  • Camping Lantern
  • Handheld Compass
  • Stainless Steel Bottles or Drinkware
  • Carabiners
  • Bungie Cords
  • Velcro Cord Ties
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Small All-Purpose Tool Kit
  • Flashlight(s)
  • Cellphone and Electronics Battery Chargers
  • USB/Lightning Charging Cords and Adapters
  • Selfie Stick
  • Cellphone Camera Lens Kit
  • Postcard Stamps and Pens
  • Gift Cards – Chain store restaurants, camping stores, big box stores, etc.
  • RV Club Memberships (i.e. Escapees, FMCA, Passport America, Harvest Hosts, etc.)
Gift Cards

So, there’s a list of gift ideas for RVers to get holiday shoppers started. There are tons of other ideas out there but knowing your RVer is key.

For a more comprehensive list of what RVers could use or need to enjoy road life, check out “A Comprehensive Check-List For Your Next RV Camping Trip”.

There you have it! No more hurt feelings or family members not speaking to you until the next holiday seasons. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Shopping!!

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