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Publicado el June 2, 2023

Where there’s a campfire, there’s probably someone roasting a s’more. This gooey, chocolatey dessert has been a camping staple for nearly 100 years, when the recipe first appeared in a Girl Scout manual in 1927. A cute contraction for “Some More” because you always want more than one, the classic s’mores require only three basic ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Squished together, the treat delights campers of all ages.

Over the century, campfire chefs have adapted this simple snack into their own creative renditions by raiding their pantries, swapping out ingredients, and playing with form, but they always stay true to the crunchy-meets-melted texture and the fire-roasted flavor. 

Whether you prefer your marshmallow perfectly golden or burnt to a crisp, here are five new s’mores recipes to sample on your next camping trip.

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A recap of the classic S’more

If it’s been a while since your last s’more—or if you’ve never had a bite of one before—let’s review the classic recipe to set the stage for the different versions below. This method is the foundation for adding or substituting ingredients, or turning them into an entirely new shape.

Marshmellow over a fire


Graham crackers

Large marshmallows

Chocolate bars


1. Slide a marshmallow (or two) onto a stick or a skewer that’s long enough to safely roast over the fire. 

2. Hold the marshmallow over the flame and rotate to toast. The closer you get, the more likely it is to scorch. But depending on your preference, char can add to the flavor. The farther away from the flame, the longer it’ll take you to brown your marshmallow.

3. Once your marshmallow is properly gooey, assemble your sandwich. Snap a graham cracker in half, and use one piece for the top and the other piece for the bottom. 

4. Add a chunk of chocolate in between, then using the two sandwich pieces, guide your marshmallow(s) off the stick.

5. Enjoy! The messier, the more memorable and delicious. 

1. Savory S’more

Consider this the main course before dessert. With this savory s’mores recipe, you could snack on s’mores and only s’mores your whole camping trip. The recipe abides by the same principles of balancing crunchy with soft, only swapping sweet for salty. Instead of marshmallows, you use brie cheese. Instead of graham crackers, you use herbed crackers. Instead of chocolate, you use honey and meat.

New ingredients:

Thinly sliced prosciutto (or another snack meat)

Crackers, either homemade or store-bought

Brie (or another soft cheese)


S'more layout

2. Breakfast S’more

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? The rules don’t apply when you’re camping. Instead of graham crackers, swap in waffles. You could either make them ahead of time at home, bring frozen ones from the store, or prepare them in real time at your campsite. Then go nuts with the toppings, adding the classic marshmallows and chocolate, plus some extras.

New ingredients: 

-Waffles, made your method of choice 

Mini marshmallows instead of large ones

-Mixed berries

-Any other toppings you prefer

3. Cookie S’more

A s’more is its own kind of cookie sandwich, but this recipe is a mashup of the campfire dessert and classic chocolate chip cookies. Every bite will remind you of toasting marshmallows around the campfire. You can either make them at home to bring on the road. Or, if your rig or stay has an oven, make them on the go. 

New ingredients: 

Mini marshmallows instead of large ones

-Chocolate chips instead of bars




White and brown sugar

Baking soda


Vanilla extract

4. S’more Pie

Graham crackers are often an essential ingredient in pie crusts. In this new take on s’mores, the graham cracker crust still does its job holding the chocolate and marshmallows together. Under the broiler, the marshmallows come out perfectly golden. If you’re not a fan of char, this recipe might be for you. Again, feel free to make this ahead of time or at your campsite if you have an oven. 

New ingredients: 

-Mini marshmallows instead of large ones



Heavy cream


-Vanilla extract

5. Banana S’more

Banana Boats—bananas stuffed with chocolate chips and marshmallows—are another age-old Girl Scout creation. This effortless dessert combines the fruity sweetness of the banana with the rich indulgence of chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

New ingredients: 

Bananas, one for each person

-Mini marshmallows instead of large ones

-Optional: Peanut butter, graham crackers, or other toppings


1. Peel a banana and place it in a piece of tin foil. Slice the banana lengthwise.

2. In the slice, stuff miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips.

3. Wrap the banana entirely in the foil and place it in the coals. 

4. Using tongs, remove the foil packs from the fire.

5. Once the foil is cool to the touch, carefully unwrap. Add any other toppings, like crumbled graham crackers or a gob of peanut butter. Dig in with a spoon!

Sure, you could enjoy s’mores at home. But we love that this dessert is inherently tied to camping and being around a campfire. Rent a rig or reserve one of Outdoorsy’s other experiences to indulge in these delicious s’mores recipes.

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