Josh Schukman
by Josh Schukman
Publicado el July 20, 2023

With the Barbie movie releasing on July 21, we got curious to see how many RVs on Outdoorsy would fit the bill for Barbie and her flair for all things fashionable and pink

The result of that curiosity? 7 fun, adventure-ready rentals on You can read all about them below. 

Full disclosure: We may or may not have unabashedly put this list together while singing “I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world” on repeat. Our coworkers were mildly concerned. 


Just like Barbie, these campervans have a vibrant, upbeat, and up-for-anything personality of their own. Let’s dive in! 

1. 1969 Daisy girl; San Diego, California; $171/night

Pink camper interior

Fun, bright and girly – this trailer is tiny but mighty! It’s definitely an experience to stay in Daisy. She has a full shower and toilet, queen-size bed area, two-burner stove, fridge, air conditioning, projector screen, storage, and an outdoor bar.

2. Fatty Sage, the Aesthetic Adventure; Los Angeles, California; $220/night 

Vintage camper

Fatty Sage is well-traveled, knows what she’s doing and is up for a good time. Perfectly pink with an earthy touch of green, her aesthetics can’t compare. Her unique style and class allows for guaranteed good times, and you can show her off on your Instagram without the fear of her being like any regular van. She’s special, and she’ll make you feel special too.

3. Sawyer, the alluring fifth wheel; Los Angeles, California; $186/night 

Remodeled fifth wheel

Ever look on Instagram & get lured by the dream of running away from real life?  Meet Sawyer, the fully renovated fifth wheel. She comes equipped with everything you’ll need for your camping & glamping experience. Including a full residential stove, farmhouse sink, waterfall rain shower, globe string lights, projector, and a movie screen to enjoy S’mores under the stars. 

4. Brandy, the Aristocrat Land Commander; Fountain Hills, Arizona; $123/night 

Remodeled camper

Named after the ‘70s one-hit-wonder song, “Brandy,” this 1964 travel trailer has been completely remodeled with tongue and groove laminate flooring, a full closet to hang up everything from gritty gear to glitzy dresses, and a new solar-powered fridge. She has a wood-burning stove and cozy blankets for snuggling up on chilly nights. Our fav feature: the vintage-style twinkle lights. 

5. Floral Home; Fountain Valley, California; $350/night 

Flowery camper

If the Barbie Dreamhome were to be a Barbie Dreamcamper, we imagine it might look something like this vibrant, light and bright, floral-infused dream

6. 1956 Vintage Pink Pleasurecraft Pinky; Calabasas, California; $360/night

Pink camper

This 13-foot-long ‘slice of heaven’ is embellished wall-to-wall in leopard print with pink glitter sprinkled on the outside. The trailer is a designer’s dream. ‘Pinky’ has been used in fashion shoots, a retro-styled wedding engagement photoshoot, and more. A unique space for dreamers, filled with beauty and love – just like Barbie.

7. The Capricorn Camper; San Diego, California; $100/night 

Camper interior

Easy to tow and maneuver, this compact camper is equipped for almost any kind of adventure – pink bed sheets and purple LED lights included. With a full outdoor set up including a chaise lounge (naturally), outdoor rug and chairs, it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors from practically anywhere!

So folks, that’s what curiosity gets you up here  – 7 of the dreamiest, Barbiest rigs we’ve got. And if you’re looking for these or any sort of vehicle you might dream up, chances are we have it for rent at

Josh Schukman


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