8 Photos that Make Your RV Irresistibly Rentable

Chelsea GonzalesDecember 5, 2017

8 Photos that Make Your RV Irresistibly Rentable

Here’s the truth — potential Outdoorsy renters are looking to experience your rig before they press Book. Providing them with a full tour of your rig through compelling imagery will help them envision themselves in the driver’s seat, and on the road.

We put together this video to show you the exact shots you should take and how you should take them.

Outdoorsy also worked with professional photographer Eileah Orhing to create a list of the top 8 shots a renter is looking for when considering an RV for their trip. Check out the results of her recent photoshoot with Class A owner Addison Good. It’s simple to capture irresistible images like these. All you need is a camera or smartphone, and a few hours out of your day. Oh, and you may need your RV too.

1) The environment shot

We know the phrase, “first impressions matter.” This certainly rings true when renters are searching for rigs on Outdoorsy. Make that impression really imprint and use an outside shot showcasing the whole rig from end to end.

Keep in mind that everything visible in the background will affect a viewer’s perception of your RV. Utilize the amazing outdoor places you live near, and people love to visit. Waterfronts, parks, forests, deserts, oh my! Driveways, parking lots, storage units, bye bye! If possible, these latter shots should be avoided as we doubt your renter will want to spend their vacation in a concrete jungle.

2) Utilities: The kitchen and bathroom

Snap photos of areas where renters spend most of their waking hours inside your RV, namely the kitchen and bathroom. These shots give the renter an idea of how they will function inside the space, and how comfortable they will be once on the road.

We know these two spaces can vary in size based on the type of rig — but let’s be honest — they will never be as large as a mansion. Because of the smaller size, these shots can be difficult to get right. As a general rule, it helps to look “into” rather than “onto”. Position the camera lower to avoid the overhead shot and get low enough to shoot into every nook and cranny.

3) The personalized amenities and special touches

Fancy french press and luxury linens included? Make sure to include them in a photo.

We know you are the perfect host, and take special care to make every renters experience optimal. Include photos of all the personalized add-ons and amenities that separate you from the rest. These shots can be further enhanced through the use of placement.

For example, if you offer plush towels, why not place them nicely on the edge of the bathroom countertop? Another option? Place a nice throw blanket (calling all colorful quilt lovers) on the couch to give some texture, color, and comfort.

4) The driver’s seat

The renter is inevitably going to spend ample time on the road and in the drivers seat. Show them their throne through inviting images of the seats, console, and dashboard. Again, as this is tighter space, we recommend using the “into, not onto” rule, and watch out for glare from the sun coming through the windshield.

5) The glamping shot

Similar to “The Environment Shot”, but different enough we felt important to include. Get your rig out in the wild. Show how snug as a bug they’ll be when they’re tucked tightly in a campsite. A photo of your RV in action is a great way to show renters how your rig will fit into their adventures.

This photo should include a full campsite setup and should include all outdoor gear — lawn chairs, portable grill, that awesome corn-hole game you just bought — that is included with the rental. Spread your wings and open up the awning if you have one. Gather up your family and friends and have them play model in your photo by utilizing the outdoor gear. And hey, its a great excuse for a quick weekend getaway.

6) The bedroom shot

There is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. If renters wanted to sleep on a rock, then they would pitch a tent. A good night’s sleep is a luxury that the renter has decided they can afford.

Your photos should show renters where they will be sleeping by including a nice photo (or two) of the bedroom. Be sure any included bedding is on the bed when the photo is taken, and if the bed requires assembly, snap a shot of before and after you’ve set it up. No one wants to be surprised with a full construction job when they’re eyes are half open.

7) Interior, from the corner

Since RVs are normally narrow, getting a shot of the entire interior can be a daunting task. Although you’ll be hard pressed to get the entire rig in one frame, shooting from the right angle should allow you to capture the majority of the RV.

When snapping this photo, try taking it from a corner rather than straight into a wall. This will make the space appear larger and more open, while also giving it more depth. Be sure to capture as many details as possible, letting in more light to do so if necessary.

8) The dining room table

For a traveler, the place they share food is the place they will rejuvenate and connect with others. Therefore, a photo of this space is something many renters look for when shopping for a rig.

Grab this photo from one corner of the table while also kneeling down to get the best angle. If your table is removable or collapsible, set it up for the photo and include the setup process in the description.

By shooting these 8 types of photos, you will improve the look of your listing and bring in more renters than ever before. Check out this video for a walkthrough on how to get these shots.


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