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Is your life in the Bay Area becoming hectic? Are you looking for a getaway but don’t want to stay in another run-of-the-mill hotel? If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time you consider glamping. By the time you are done reading this, your next planned vacation stay will be anything but boring. 

What is glamping?

You might be saying to yourself, “I’ve heard of camping, but I’ve never heard of glamping.” If you are unfamiliar with the term glamping, that’s okay. Many people love the outdoors but don’t find the idea of sleeping on the hard ground in a cold tent appealing. 

You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable accommodations when it comes to glamping; that’s because glamping combines the relaxation of camping with a luxury vacation. So no matter what accommodations you are looking for, you will be able to satisfy those needs easily. 

What accommodations are available in the Bay Area?

Is the goal of your next vacation a romantic getaway? Maybe your goal is to have a wild adventure with your family. Whatever your vacation looks like, you’ll find glamping accommodations to fit your needs. 

Yurts and canvas tents

While yurts and canvas tents are traditionally made from similar materials, there are some differences. For example, yurts have a circular construction, while the canvas-walled tents have a square or rectangular look to them. The circular setup of a yurt provides more space inside, which can accommodate multiple beds for the family, although both options usually feature only one bed inside. 

Campers and RVs

Another great glamping option is the camper or RV. This is an option that you can easily buy yourself and go glamping whenever you want. If you don’t want to buy your own, don’t worry. We have RVs and campers available for rent to take on your next adventure or that you can stay on-site. Like yurts and canvas tents, they can vary in size to accommodate your needs. 


Cabins are another choice that have a lot to offer. You can choose to stay in a small rustic cabin with limited creature comforts, or you can stay in a large cabin with all the bells and whistles. Cabins definitely have the most space available to bring your entire family along, no matter the size. 

What sort of amenities are available?

There are many amenities available; that’s part of the reason why they call it glamping. 


Just because you are going camping doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the cold hard ground or on an uncomfortable cot. The number of beds will depend on the space available. You will have at least one queen-size bed available in most yurts, tents, and campers. You don’t have to worry about bringing a sleeping bag either, since the beds will be outfitted with sheets. 


Many people’s least favorite part about camping is going to the bathroom in the woods, especially when it is dark and cold. At the very least, your glamping site will have bathrooms you can walk to; however, many places will have in-unit bathrooms available, even in yurts and tents. 


This is something that parents will especially appreciate. Most glamping sites will have hot showers available, so you can easily rinse them off no matter how dirty your kids get. Plus, it is always nice to get all the dirt off from the day before going to bed.


One of the best parts about camping is sitting around a campfire; however, it can be a lot of work. You have to dig a fire pit, gather enough wood, and eventually start the fire. Most glamping sites have fire pits ready to use. You can also have bundles of firewood ready to go at your door when you arrive. Other places even have gas fire pit options.

Heating and AC

You don’t always have to wait for the perfect weather to go glamping. At the very least, you will have windows that you can open for airflow to keep your area cool. Some places even offer AC units to provide an extra cool punch. If your adventure takes place in the colder months, yurts and tents will have gas or wood stove options, while cabins and campers have heater units. 

Is there glamping in the Bay Area?

Now that you have heard what makes glamping fantastic, you are probably asking yourself, “Is there glamping in California?”

California has seemingly endless activities and locations to choose from when it comes to relaxing. Whether you want to relax in wine country, by the ocean, in the mountains, or in the desert, there is a glamping option to choose from. 

Just like staying in a hotel, the price per night will vary depending on where you want to go and what amenities you desire. Many glamping planning sites will provide pictures and information, so your peace of mind can begin from the time you book the trip. 

Places to go glamping in the Bay Area

With so many places to go glamping, it can be hard to pick out the best sites. Luckily we have found some of the best destinations based on needs.

Couples glamping in the Bay Area

If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, glamping is a fantastic choice. Here are some of the top places to go glamping for couples. 

Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Big Sur is the perfect location for those looking to combine ocean views with the mountains and famous California redwoods. Stay in a tent with your partner featuring a queen-size bed, electricity, a private fire pit, and many other things. Head to the on-site dining restaurant for dinner before taking a peaceful stroll through the many available nature trails. While you are there, make a reservation for a private cabana at the Alila Spa for a genuinely unique couples experience. This intimate getaway is just $240.00 per night. 

Mendocino Grove 

Mendocino Grove is another option for a romantic retreat. Head out to the Mendocino Village, located just ¼ mile away from the campground, for local dining and shopping in the morning before enjoying a picnic at one of the many beaches that are just a stone’s throw away. After a day full of adventure, come back to your safari-style tent and enjoy roasting s’mores over the provided fire pit. As your eyes become heavy, you can crawl into your heated queen-size bed for a fantastic night’s sleep. All of this can be yours for as low as $189.00 a night.

Yurts at Bothe Napa Valley State Park

Have you considered taking your partner on a romantic wine tasting weekend? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect place to stay. Napa Valley State Park has ten yurts available to reserve in either large or small sizes. You’ll need to bring your own linens for the queen-size bed, but the campsite offers bathrooms, private fire pits, and a fantastic basecamp to launch your wine tasting adventures. This site provides a lot of value because it is only $80.00 per night to stay in a small yurt, and it is only $85.00 to stay in a large yurt. The low cost per night means more money in your pocket to spend on other activities that will make the vacation unforgettable. 

Family Glamping in the Bay Area

Glamping is not just reserved for couples. There are many options available to take your family on a trip they will remember forever. 

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Located in Lodi, California, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is a fantastic choice for your next family vacation. Whatever your family’s size, Yogi has you covered. They have cabins that can sleep five to eight people and vary in features, from hot tubs to fully functional kitchens; this site ensures your family’s needs will be met. There are seemingly endless activities, which guarantees that your family will have a blast. You can choose from the waterpark, mini-golf, laser tag, boat rentals, and much more. An average cost per night is just over $200.00, but it is well worth the lifetime memories created. 

Safari West

If you want to plan a truly unforgettable vacation for your family, you need to look into staying at Safari West. Located in Santa Rosa, California, you and your family can stay in a luxury safari tent. Imagine your family waking up, walking out on the private deck, and being greeted by one of the 900 animals located on-site. 

During the day, you can ride in a safari car as your tour guide shows you all the animals found on the 400-acre preserve. You’ll see cape buffalo, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and much more during your safari. You can even reserve a private behind-the-scenes viewing experience where your family can get up close with some of the site’s most unique animals. The cost is just $335.00 a night, which is much cheaper than flying all the way to Africa for the same wild adventure. 


 Located just 1-hour south of San Francisco, near the town of Pescadero, lies this scenic glamping site. You’ll have the choice of staying in either a cabin or a tent bungalow. Your family can enjoy picturesque ocean views, hiking, horseback rides, and much more. If you or your partner need a day to just relax, then the on-site spa will be the perfect place. At night, gather around your private fire pit to roast marshmallows as you and your family watch the stars light up the sky. Costanoa offers a great value because you can stay here starting at $159.00 a night. 

Glamping in Northern California

Sometimes only going an hour or so away from the Bay Area isn’t enough of a getaway. Not to worry, there is plenty of glamping to be had.

Marble Mountain Ranch

If you want to be far away from a major city, look no further than the Marble Mountain Ranch. This beautiful spot is 2-hours from the closest major city, near Somes Bar, California. Just because you are far away from the city doesn’t mean you must sacrifice comfort. You’ll have your choice of staying in either a one, two, or three-bedroom fully furnished cabin. There is plenty to do on the ranch, including horseback riding, shooting, fishing, and river rafting. The price you’ll pay depends on whether you go in the busy season or the off-season. In the busy season, they only do 3-day minimum all-inclusive bundles for $1495.00. In the off-season, you can pay $165.00 a night, but that does not include the cost of the activities. 

Wild Plumas

 You’ll find the Wild Plumas glamping site if you head out to Greenville, California. You can stay in one of four safari-style tents. During the day, you can go swimming, fishing, tanning, or picnicking in one of the many lakes and streams found around this site. Beautiful hiking and majestic scenery are abundant since you are staying on 50-acres in the Lost Sierra. This fantastic experience can be yours for just $155.00 a night. 

Wild Haven Sonoma

Located on the banks of the Russian River in Sonoma County sits the Wild Haven glamping site. Total comfort is easily achievable when you stay in one of the extra-large safari-style tents. You’ll have access to your own fire pit and outdoor kitchen. While you stay here, you can enjoy nearby wine tasting, horseback riding, hiking, and biking. In addition, there are several small towns around that offer a fantastic local dining experience. All of this can be yours for as low as $169.00 per night. 

Final thoughts

Glamping is a great way to enjoy all the best parts of camping while taking out all the bad parts. There are so many glamping options to choose from that it can be hard to decide where you want to go. On the bright side, since there are so many options, you’ll be able to find the perfect accommodations for your next unique vacation. 

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