David Pennington
by David Pennington
Publicado el February 1, 2019

This year the NFL Super Bowl (taking place Sunday, Feb. 3) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the brand-spanking-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. While the Falcons won’t be enjoying home-field advantage, there is plenty to get excited about for this year’s potential matchups. First, though, a few things to consider:

First off, Atlanta isn’t known for the ridiculously frigid winters (we’re looking at you, Minneapolis!), which means you might be able to step outside without regretting it.

This year, head out to the big game in style or host a good, old fashioned tailgate party in an RV rental from Outdoorsy

Own the parking lot by pulling up in a rig that’s ready to host the Super Bowl party of the century. From the Super Bowl to any pre-season game, organizing a tailgate is a great reason to rally the troops together.

The smartest sports fans forgo the high ticket prices and stadium lines for a delicious setup in the pavement of the parking lot—or driveway. Gathering with friends and fellow fans (or rivals?) is a great way to get amped up for the game. Bring out the grill and the coolers to make sure everyone gets their fill before claiming their seats along the sidelines.

Need to catch a quick snooze during halftime? Grab a bunk. Feel the need to relieve yourself without dealing with long lines at the bathrooms? There’s a little room to take care of that, too.

A few must-haves for your tailgating rig:

  • Seating, places to relax, and a place to store them all.
  • Ready access to refrigerated or chilled beverages.
  • Easy setup to a grilling and cooking apparatus.
  • An onboard bathroom (the fastest way to make new friends).
  • A place to tune in to the pre-game highlights—ideally a TV outside of the rig.
  • Sun and/or rain cover, just in case.

Here are some great options that are still available in the Atlanta area and beyond for Super Bowl weekend!

Coachmen’s Leprechaun

Your team will need all the luck it can get, so why not take along a Coachmen’s Leprechaun? When it comes to tailgating, the Leprechaun is usually the king of whatever parking lot it winds up in. A power awning and a pull-out exterior grill will attract everyone who is sporting your team colors.

Thor Motor Coach Vegas

The outdoor flat-screen TV? Check. Expandable awning? Check. With an interior kitchen and loads of storage for grills, briquettes, and more, you’ll be rolling up to the parking lot in style with the Thor.

“The BunkHouse” 

A beautiful fifth-wheel trailer in great condition is ready to dominate your space in the tailgating lot so you can ensure your team dominates on the field. A retractable awning keeps your celebrations in the shade while a complete kitchen stays hidden behind a rear-panel. No need to run inside to find the ketchup!

Keystone Sprinter

This rig is 34 feet of guaranteed fun and a good a reason as any to take a road trip from Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. Sleeps 9 to 10 adults (not that you’ll be doing a lot of sleeping with all the post-game celebrating) and a complete outdoor kitchen with a grill that flips out when you need it.

Red Baron! The Winnebago Travato

Big and burly not quite your thing? Want to get away with regular tailgating in the normal parking lot? Looking to keep your secret fandom to yourself? Maybe you’re just thrilled the Chiefs made it to the big show.

The Red Baron should suit you just fine. Taking the minimalist approach, this Travato looks more like a van, drives more like a car, and offers enough space to keep the party going as long as you need it. A propane-powered kitchen inside offers enough BTUs to get your dinner cooking, while an electric cooler/freezer keeps the beverages cool.

Enjoy the big game, responsibly. I’ll see you out there on the pavement!

David Pennington


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