How to Boondock on the Beach

Aaron & HaydenFebruary 21, 2018

How to Boondock on the Beach

One of our favorite places that we have ever camped has to be when we boondocked on the beach at the Bolivar Flats near Galveston, TX. We had heard many people talk about beachfront boondocking, and we figured you would be close to, or near the beach. Once we actually got out there, we found out we were going to be literally parking directly on the sand! Here are some helpful tips on how to boondock on the beach.

What to look out for


The number one most important thing that you want to be mindful of are the tides. When you’re parking directly on the sand and you park too close to the water, the tide will come in and you’ll be in for all sorts of complications- like floating away! Depending on how high the tide comes in, your RV could flood and/or the sand will wash out from beneath your tires which will get you stuck in the sand when the tide flows back out. That’s a surefire way to ruin a perfectly good beachfront boondocking experience.


Something else to be mindful of are any fees or registrations you need to pay before setting up your rig. While boondocking is cheaper than staying at RV parks, it often times isn’t free.  For example, when you boondock on the Bolivar Flats, you need to pay the $10 registration fee and get a sticker for your car. Without having one of those, you could be fined or even asked to vacate the premises. It’s always best to do a little research into the area before you head out. The plus side is the sticker we bought was valid for a whole year.


It should go without saying, but sand is going to get everywhere! We laid out towels at the base and top of our steps which helped keep it somewhat under control, but we still tracked a ton of sand into the RV. No matter how hard we tried, it always seemed to find its way in, so be mindful of it. But don’t let it ruin your day- you’re on the beach after all!

Boondocking on the beach
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What to bring

Now that you know what to look for, let’s move on to the good stuff! What should you bring to boondock on the beach? First and foremost, definitely bring a grill if they are allowed. Nothing beats kicking back and firing up some food while the waves are crashing in front of you. Plus, grilling and using paper plates cuts down on any dishes you’ll have to do.

Bring a fire pit if you have one to roast smores while watching the sunset over the water. We also recommend that you bring everything that you would normally bring to a day at the beach. One thing to keep in mind is that since you are right on the water, it can feel colder than it actually is, so we brought a little propane heater that we used to provide a little extra heat inside the rig.

A campfire at night roasting smores
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But what about power?

You don’t need solar power or a generator to boondock for a few days. Get up with the sun and sit by the fire at night. We have these nifty little solar powered inflatable lights that were great for navigating the rig in the dark; definitely put one in the bathroom! We also have a small solar-powered cellphone charger, so we could still be connected to the outside world. Or, if you’re really motivated to disconnect, forget the charger and just relish in the peaceful sounds of nature.

Have fun!

The most important thing, when it comes to boondocking on the beach, is to HAVE FUN! It is absolutely one of the most incredible experiences we have had since being on the road and we always talk about how we cannot wait to go back. Maybe we’ll find you out on the beach somewhere!

Enjoy yourself!
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