How to Create Awesome Video Tours of Your RV

Team OutdoorsyMay 17, 2020

How to Create Awesome Video Tours of Your RV

As an Outdoorsy owner, you face friendly competition from other RV owners. A great way to make yourself stand out from the pack is by adding a fun, informative, and well-made RV video tour to your listing — just like this video created by Outdoorsy owner Mike Jackson of Southwinds Rentals.

But for many of us, that’s easier said than done…

Video can be intimidating.

Video can be complicated.

And how long is your video tour supposed to be anyway? What should you show? How can you keep prospective renters interested enough to watch it?

We get that creating a video tour of your RV might seem like a daunting task, but it really is something that’ll help you get more bookings. That’s why we’re going to break it all down for you here — features you should include, the ingredients of a stellar RV video tour, and more.

Oh, and we even made this video that’ll show you how to create your own virtual tour.

By the end of this post, you’ll have the tools you need to take your RV rental listing to the next level.

How to Create Awesome Video Tours of Your RV

Script it out

All great videos have an outline that guides their flow. You don’t have to write out every word, but you stand the best chance of creating a punchy video by scripting out the major points you want to touch on.

Have a sweet outdoor kitchen? Show it off with a short clip of you cooking a fun meal on screen.

Have a killer TV set up? Demo it for sports fans by showing a clip of you and your pals enjoying a game from your RV man cave.

Or maybe you provide special treats to your renters like s’more supplies? Add that to the video script if so.

By taking the time to plan what you’ll talk about, how you’ll talk about it, and how to creatively speak to your audience, you’ll be well prepared to make a killer video tour.

How long should my video be?

One of the biggest questions about creating an awesome video tour is: how long should my video be? There’s unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all answer for this. Factors like the size of your rig, number of amenities, and your speaking style will all impact the timing.

As a general rule, you should try to get your video length in the three to six-minute range. Any shorter and you’re likely missing a feature you should highlight. Any longer and you might risk losing the attention of your audience.

Things you should include in your RV video tour

While you have creative license to add a unique flair to your visual tour, there are certain things you want to be sure to include for prospective renters:

  • How many people your RV will comfortably sleep
  • Any unique services you provide — i.e. generator, bicycles, etc.
  • Whether or not your RV is equipped to dry camp — AKA camping without hookups — and for how long
  • Clips of the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen
  • How much storage your RV has and an example or two of storage spaces

Be mindful of lighting and time of day

Nothing can spoil a video faster than bad lighting. If your RV tour features you in constant darkness or harsh lights, it could leave a bad taste for viewers. Filming with an overcast sky during midday is best because the clouds will block sun-created shadows from your video.

If you aren’t in a location that sees overcast skies very often, assess your specific location and how the sun moves through the day. You’ll likely find that early in the morning before bright rays shine through or in the evening after the sun has cooled down will be best for filming, but there can be other factors that impact lighting.

For example, are there trees or buildings that affect the morning light vs. the evening light? Could changing the positioning of your RV help get better lighting? Do you need to bring in supplemental light to help?

Oh, and a tip from the professionals: always film with all lights turned on — this includes ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights, lamps, etc. This lighting will open up and brighten up your space for video.

rv video tour

Eliminate background noise

The second you hit record, there’s bound to be a barking dog, shouting child, or some other sonic disturbance that will threaten your video. Do your best to minimize these noises before you begin. If outside audio creeps its way in, be sure to do another take or edit that audio out because background noise is very distracting for viewers.

Make sure your RV is spotless

This is an understatement, but it is so vital that it bears repeating. Take the time you need to get your RV sparkling clean before you hit record. Sheets should be clean and crisp. Countertops should glisten. The exterior should be washed and waxed.

Provide a great walkthrough

The walkthrough is the part of your video where you walk around the RV showing off its features. A great walkthrough shares important information without giving away too much. Information is good and will help ‘sell’ a place, but too much information can lose a prospective renter if you’re not careful.

Are there secret spaces in your RV that will WOW your guest? A pull-out cutting board they may not have discovered on their own? Does your shower have a 6-way massager? What details make you say WOW? Share those points in your walkthrough. Your guests will love this!

Use the right tools

There are a plethora of amazing video tools out there and you could spend a fortune on a studio-quality RV tour, but you don’t need expensive tools to make a great video.

Instead, as long as your phone has a great camera, you pay attention to lighting, and you make sure you have good sound quality, you will be able to create an excellent RV tour video at little to no cost.

If you plan to make other videos in the future, an optional tool is Filmora 9 — a simple, affordable solution for editing short videos like your RV tour. If you don’t create many videos in general, your computer’s included video editing software will do the trick.

Be real and raw

People want to see your personality and they want to see they’ll be comfortable in your camper. The best way to help them feel this way is to make them feel like they’re staying at a friend’s home. People will rent from you not only because they like what you have to offer, but because they connect with you as a human.

In closing…

Creating a video tour of your RV can seem like a scary proposition, but it is a breeze with the right tactics in your toolbox. By following the steps we’ve laid out above, you’ll create an awesome RV video tour that sets you above the competition.

Team Outdoorsy, Outdoorsy Author

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