Fear RV Depreciation No More

Team OutdoorsyApril 9, 2017

Fear RV Depreciation No More

RV depreciation: One of every RV owner’s biggest fears. After all, when you invest tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in something, you want it to retain that value for as long as possible. RV depreciation fear is real enough to stop some RVers from renting out their motorhomes. After all, more miles on a vehicle means faster depreciation, right?


Every RV loses value simply by aging (by most assessments, RVs lose 20% of their value less just one year after purchase). That’s right, depreciation happens whether the RV is used or not. The 20% assessment, for example, was calculated using the national average of an owner behind the wheel for just 2 weeks of the year.

As you can tell from that statistic, mileage a factor in depreciation, but not using your RV is not protection against depreciation. That happens despite your actions as an RV owner.

RV Depreciation
RVs lose 20% of their value just one year after purchase on average. This calculation factored in just 2 weeks of owner usage for the year (also a national average).

The amazing thing about RV rental is that it allows you to turn depreciation into cash in your pocket. You can now recoup the costs of your RV depreciation as it’s happening.

With the Outdoorsy rental system, RV owners can set their own base price and then charge an additional fee for additional mileage. You can even tier your mileage pricing with the Outdoorsy system, which means that the more miles driven, the bigger your income. So now longer trips where renters put more miles on your RV can actually make you a LOT MORE money.

In fact, with the right rental strategies, you may even be able to cover your entire RV payment with the proceeds and still have some left over to cover the campground fees on your own next adventure. You can actually profit from your renting venture, even after accounting for depreciation.

This makes for a win-win situation for all involved. Customers get to take their relaxing vacations, as an RV owner, you get to profit from setting up your listing and letting go of your RV depreciation worry. Everyone gets to enjoy what they love best: outdoor travel and adventure.

Team Outdoorsy, Outdoorsy Author

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