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Jen Young
by Jen Young
Publicado el August 15, 2022
half moon bay rv parks

Located approximately 35 minutes south of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is an amazing city on the California coast. It features an assortment of quaint shops, picturesque beaches, and the best of North California. Let’s not forget the exclusive campsites that Half Moon Bay can’t be described without.

From the Pillar Point RV Park to Francis Beach Campground, there are a myriad of worthwhile camping grounds around the coastal city for your next RV trip. Not sure which site to book? I can help! Read on to know more. 

Make sure to book your favorite campsite at least 3-6 months in advance to get a good deal.

Why Should Half Moon Bay Be On Your Bucket list?

Half Moon Bay has numerous fantastic locations that deserve to be on your bucket list. The Bay Area is located on the stunning northern California coast, just an hour’s drive from San Francisco

You can sip some wine in Napa Valley, relax with the breathtaking sceneries of the ocean in Sausalito, or explore the old trees at Muir Woods. It’s all up to you, the camper! 

The Bay gives you a small-town feel, with a bunch of outdoor recreations to indulge in. From enthralling hikes to trails along the beach, it has something incredible for everyone. There are many unique locales to add to your northern California itinerary. 

The park is very close to the city, thus making it a perfect location for a one-day or weekend trip to the Bay area. Half Moon Bay is also a fantastic option if you want to go on a road trip in California, as you can drive along the highway, where you’ll enjoy the coastal scenery of the Pacific coastline.

On your way, you can halt at Pastorino Farms and walk along some of the stores. There are a bunch of nurseries where you can find a vast assortment of seasonal plants. Half Moon Bay is an ideal illustration of a beach town with its quaint streets, stores, bistros, and beachside restaurants that create a cozy atmosphere. 

There is always something unique about Half Moon Bay, and it’s an excellent getaway from the city! I am here to tell you everything you must know about Half Moon Bay and why it’s worth visiting.


Half Moon Bay is a dog-friendly town. You can find lots of dog-friendly beaches, courses, cafes, and also accommodations for you and your pet’s stay. You can even let your dog run wild on the beaches. 

And guess what? Many outdoor dog-friendly restaurants have a view of the Pacific Ocean and the port.

Gorgeous Beaches

A visit to Half Moon Bay is not complete till you have visited the scenic beaches along the northern California coast. Half Moon Bay is one of the most extensive beaches in San Francisco Bay. The sandy beaches present a stunning rooftop view, amazing tide-pooling, and seaside mountain sceneries.

Poplar is just a few minutes’ drive from Half Moon Bay. The location is a dog-friendly beach where you can walk along the trails, enjoy the vast coastal sceneries, or hike down to the sandy beach.

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve situated out of Half Moon Bay is another unique and nostalgic marine reserve. This reserve has a variety of aquatic life along its rocky shore. 

It’s a fantastic spot to visit with the family and explore the delicate sea creatures. Before calling, review the tide table so you know where to stay when there are high tides.

Exciting Events Throughout The Year 

Every season has its fun local activities at Half Moon Bay. The main event in the Bay Area is the Pumpkin Festival, which is held in mid-October. You can participate in many events like the pie-eating competition, costume competition, and the main event, pumpkin weighing! You can also check out the live music concert. 

Other famous events throughout the year are the Lobster Feed held in March, Coastside Farmers Market from May to December, and the Mavericks Big Wave Surfer during the winter.

Appetizing Seafood

The Pillar Harbor is a fantastic place to eat fresh and local seafood! You can dine at any of the restaurants on the coast or buy fresh fish from the market. If you visit during crab season, you can buy some fresh crab from the fisherman. 

Half Moon Bay also has Michelin restaurants that offer spectacular panoramic views of Pillar Point Harbor. The food at the Bay will certainly not disappoint. Besides enjoying the seafood, you can do other entertaining things like kayaking, strolling on the shore or the coastal path, and leasing a boat for fishing.

Hikes Along The Coast

While strolling along the Half Moon Bay coastal path, you can stop at restaurants or cafes. You can chill with a drink and enjoy the ocean views. You can go on a hike to the nearby cliff tops that provide panoramic views of the vast Pacific Ocean coastline. 

You can also visit Pescadero, a lovely beach town about a few minutes drive from Half Moon Bay. The city is known for its garlic bread, beautiful sandy beaches, goat ranches, wine tastings, and goat cheese.

5 Amazing RV Campsites Around Half Moon Bay, California

Here are some of the best RV campsites if you plan to go RV camping in the Half Moon Bay area. It has plenty of sandy beaches where you can camp anywhere near it. So, let’s glance at a few of them below. 

Disclaimer: Please note, all the prices mentioned below are subject to change depending on the availability and other factors. Call the campsite authorities to know more about the current prices.

Pillar Point Harbor RV Park

half moon bay rv parks

The Pillar Point Harbor RV Park is situated on the Pacific Ocean. It’s renowned for its stunning ocean views and unforgettable sunsets. It’s only four miles from Half Moon Bay and a 30-minute drive away from San Francisco, California. The RV park is great for kids and dogs. They have comfortable seats in the garden from where you can gaze at the vast ocean. 

Note that the campsites here are booked on a first-come and first-served basis. Only fully self-contained RVs are allowed in the park. The RV must be a maximum length of 40 feet. It has a total of 49 RV sites, each with amenities that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Full hookups (water, electricity, and sewage) 
  • Cable TV 
  • Wi-Fi

The campsite comes with a 6-mile trail for walking and biking along the fabulous beach, which is only a few steps from the park. It offers plenty of water sports like kayaking, surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, and more. 

Some shops sell fresh seafood on the beach, and you can enjoy world-class dining on the park premises. The beach offers a bunch of recreational activities like wine tasting, fishing, or whale watching.


Price of Ocean View sites:

  • $110.00 per night (TOT tax inclusive)
  • $770.00 per week (TOT tax inclusive)

Price of Standard sites:

  • $80.00 per night (TOT tax inclusive)
  • $560.00 per week (TOT tax inclusive)

Half Moon Bay RV Park

half moon bay rv parks

The Half Moon Bay RV Park is another top-rated campsite with stunning Northern California coastal views. This park has some of the most stunning scenery of the vast ocean coastal line in the United States. 

Being pet-friendly, you can access the restaurants, general stores, and pubs with your four-legged friend; most of these are close to the RV parking area. Once you have booked a place for your RV in the park, the management provides you with amenities that include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Full hookup (water/sewer/electric)
  • Restrooms and complimentary showers 
  • Dumping station
  • Fire pit
  • Hiking trails
  • Picnic tables
  • Electric 50 AMP
  • Volleyball ground 
  • Wi-Fi

The park has plenty of areas for your RV set up, fire pits, and BBQs. The pubs have fantastic food, fun games, and sports to watch. 

Half Moon Bay Campground also has an excellent atmosphere for campers who want to camp in a tent. The camping ground is hygienic, remote, and easily accessible to the seaside trails for all the outdoor entertainment. 

The camping park offers the best activities just outside the area. For example, you can get a kick out of bird watching, hiking, surfing, paddling, fishing, and more. A mile-long bicycle track from the RV park’s entrance is within a few steps. If you want to go with your family or friends, this RV park is just the spot for your weekend getaway. 


  • $80 per night

Half Moon Bay State Beach Campground

half moon bay rv parks

Half Moon Bay State Beach is situated along the coast of San Mateo County, which is close to the downtown of Half Moon Bay. There are a total of 4 small beaches. 

There is a short trail less than a hundred yards away that leads to the coastal route. It’s around 4 miles long to the beach. On the coastal trail, you can enjoy a stroll on the beach or bicycle rides on paved trails. 

Note that dogs are not allowed on the beach. Even inside the park, it’s mandatory to put them on a leash. Popular activities around the site include whale watching, surfing, picnicking, and surf fishing. 

Note: Swimming is not advised in the ocean as there can be dangerous rip currents, and the water will also be freezing. 

The Sweetwood Group Campground is allotted only for tent camping with a pit toilet. It’s situated between the Dunes and Venice beach. The area is open to a total of 50 individuals and 12 automobiles. The site has numerous picnic tables that come with a wind-secured cooking table. 

Amenities at Half Moon Bay State Beach Campground include but aren’t limited to:

  • BBQ grills 
  • Campfire center
  • Campground host
  • Campsite tables
  • Drinking water 
  • Dump station
  • Equestrian trail
  • Fire pit
  • Fire rings
  • Grills
  • Group camping
  • Picnic tables
  • Restrooms (flush toilets)
  • Showers


  • $10 per night, per vehicle 

Francis Beach Campground

The Francis Beach Campground is the central spot of Half Moon Bay State Beach, and comes with the best sunset views over the Bay. This spot might be a paradise for campers who come in an RV. The beach can be easily accessed with a paved trail leading to the sand. 

On Francis Beach, you can get a separate site just for your RV. The campground has 52 areas with an ocean view just a few steps away from the sand. For tents, there are only three campsites with a grassy spot. Sites are also available for backpackers and bicyclists. The amenities in the locations on Francis Beach include the following.

  • Drinking water
  • Picnic area with tables
  • Indoor and outdoor showers/restrooms
  • Safe parking

The dump station comes with a $10 fee that is not included in the reservation. Hot showers are also available but are mostly subject to availability. The campground has plenty of activities like fishing, nature and wildlife watching, and windsurfing. 

During the peak season, only 7-day camping is allowed. At other periods, camping is permitted for up to 14 days.


The price of a standard campsite is $35 per night. The cost of other amenities is:

  • Electric hookups – $50
  • Premium with electric hookups – $65
  • Hike & bike site – $7 per person per night + an $8 reservation fee

Santa Cruz Ranch RV Resort

The Santa Cruz Ranch RV Resort is situated in the green of Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz. The resort features wildlife and nature at its finest. Located over 8 acres, the resort is covered with leafy green trees. Many hiking trails here have scenic views. 

The camping ground comes with a total of 117 sites. All the sites at the resort are pet-friendly. They come with amenities that include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Swimming pool
  • Whirlpool/spa/hot tub
  • Restroom/shower facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Library
  • Paid Wi-Fi
  • Game room

You can pass time by indulging in water activities, such as swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, and paddling. If not for water activities, there are a bunch of shops and famous restaurants only a few minutes away from the resort to explore. 

Whether you want to visit with your family or friends, there is no lack of activities at Santa Cruz Ranch RV Resort. 


  • The premium pull-thru sites cost $105.00 per night 
  • The tent sites for dry camping sites cost $58.00 per night
  • The standard entire hookup site costs $108.00 per night

How Much Does It Cost To Camp In Half Moon Bay? 

The average cost to camp in Half Moon Bay is $35 per night. This cost varies from site to site and further depends on the amenities chosen. 


So, here you go. What do you think about Half Moon Bay? Is it worth visiting? It indeed is!

The location is easily accessible, dog-friendly, and comes with some beautiful scenic beaches. There are many hiking and walking trails with coastal views. It’s the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood, natural beauty, and lots of activities.

If you agree, plan a quick trip to Half Moon Bay, California, and check out the above RV sites.

Jen Young


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