7 haunted campgrounds to visit this Halloween

Lizzie DragonSeptember 21, 2021

7 haunted campgrounds to visit this Halloween

Searching for the real spooks and scares this Halloween? Skip the haunted houses, hayrides, and corn mazes, and spend an October night at one of these haunted campgrounds!

Lake Morena, California

Image Source: sandiegohaunted.com

The Lake Morena County Park Campground is a hotspot for ghostly occurrences. According to The San Diego Union in 1983, “More than fish haunt Lake Morena.” Over the years, there have been several reports of paranormal activity from volunteers, rangers, campers, and residents in the area.

One apparition you may encounter is a lady in a white dress. She is commonly roaming around the wooded area across from the campsites. You may hear footsteps and a woman laughing and singing. Reports of levitating bodies are associated with a devastating flood that killed more than 50 people in the 1900s. Some photos have even captured orbs floating around the site.

Camp, if you dare. Or, to be on the safe side, maybe just spend the day fishing at this beautifully haunted, manmade lake.

Big Moose Lake, NY

Image Source: newyorkupstate.com

The haunting at Big Moose Lake came after a tragic murder, the murder of Grace Brown in 1906. To make a long story short, Grace met Chester Gilette while working in the Gilette Skirt Factory. They became involved in a secret relationship. Soon after, Grace got pregnant. She thought she convinced Chester to marry her, but he had other things in mind. He took her on a trip to Big Moose Lake and hit her over the head with a tennis racket. She drowned, and he was arrested and executed.

Some say her ghost still haunts the lake. If you camp at one of the three primitive sites at Big Moose Lake, you just may encounter her.

Crystal Lake, California

Image Source: tripadvisor.com

Another lake, another haunting. In the 1930s, Stephen helped build Crystal Lake Amphitheater and Dance Studio in the Angels National Forest. His wife and two kids moved with him. The family was assigned to a tent away from the other men on the job. The story goes, one evening, they put their kids to bed and went off for a walk. When they came back, they found the tent torn and a bear trying to get to their children. The bear killed the family. People have reported seeing two adults and two children around the studio ruins, the family’s burial site.

Make sure to pack the bear spray for a night at Crystal Lake Campground.

Braley Pond, Virginia

Image Source: thedyrt.com

A gruesome murder is sure to leave behind a few ghosts, as is rumored to be the case at Braley Pond. Located in George Washington National Forest, it is Virginia’s most haunted campground, said to be the site of floating figures, creepy laughter, and other paranormal activities. Shea Willis, a paranormal researcher, spoke with Charles Moss of The Dyrt about her experience there, and it is chilling, to say the least.

Are the rumors true? There’s only one way to find out. Braley Pond campsites are open year-round.

Antietam Creek, Maryland

Image Source: npr.org

The bloodiest Civil War battle took place just a few miles from Antietam Creek in 1862. The Sunken Road hosted more than 5,000 lost lives of both Union and Confederate soldiers and has been renamed — Bloody Lane. Many consider it haunted, along with several other sites around the area. Reports of gunfire, the smell of gunpowder, wandering soldiers, singing, and other unexplained happenings make a strong case.

Book your night at Antietam Creek Campsite for just $20 a night, and experience a ghostly history.

Holy Ghost Campground, New Mexico

Image Source: thedyrt.com

According to Allan Pacheco, a local ghost-tour guide, this area in the Santa Fe National Forest is “like the Bermuda Triangle of New Mexico—people disappear into thin air. No clothing or bones are ever found.” Intrigued? There are many stories of Holy Ghost Campground, starting with a story of a Catholic priest who either killed or was killed by the Pueblo people. Since then, there have been car accidents, biker brawls, and disappearances, all attributed to paranormal activity.

Visitors have seen shadows among the trees, spotted UFOs, and heard strange voices. However, Outside Online reached out to a spokesperson at the national forest who denied claims saying, “Holy Ghost Campground cannot be haunted for one simple yet big and important reason: ghosts are not real.” Come to your own conclusions this Halloween.

Lewis Stringer Campsite, California

Image Source: theghostdiaries.com

In 1910, Sam Lewis’ wife died. To honor her and her favorite place, he spread her ashes throughout the grounds in Inyo National Forest. Since then, campers have attested to strange encounters at Lewis Stringer Campsite, from camp gear being rearranged to a woman dancing. Additionally, a woman’s voice can often be heard. Could it be the spirit of Sam Lewis’ wife? Find out for yourself.

Searching for spook?

Whether you’re on the hunt for ghosts or just good times, these 7 haunted campgrounds are sure to give you some stories to tell. But, camp with caution! You never know what could go bump in the night.

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