Here’s How To Get More Glowing Renter Reviews

Christine LindstromOctober 12, 2018

Here’s How To Get More Glowing Renter Reviews

Great customer reviews are the key to building your RV rental business. They give your listing better visibility in search results and increased credibility in the eyes of potential renters. Whether you’re just starting out with Outdoorsy or you’re a seasoned veteran, improving your renter reviews could help you take your business to the next level.

Customer service

Excellent customer service will get your business the kind of attention you’re looking for. It may seem obvious, but good customer service is not as common as it used to be. In addition to being friendly and courteous, pay attention to the following details:

  • Communication. Respond promptly to questions before, during, and after your rental has gone out. Address concerns patiently and avoid getting defensive in situations of potential conflict. Clearly establish your expectations and listen well to understand the renter’s expectations.
  • Professionalism. Keep your paperwork organized and familiarize yourself with the rental process before your renter arrives. Document everything well. Use checklists to be sure nothing is forgotten. Giving the impression of confidence in every interaction with your renter helps them feel more comfortable with the rental experience, which leads to great reviews for you.
  • Personalize. Remember that each of your renters is an individual with unique needs and desires. Ask good questions to determine their needs and do what you can to meet them. Tailoring the experience to the individual renter often requires little of the owner but your personal attention will be well-remembered.
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Offer extra amenities

Small gestures of hospitality make your RV feel warm and welcoming, creating a great overall impression. Many owners choose to offer linens, kitchen supplies, and other conveniences, with or without additional fees. Some owners have started to go above and beyond, offering grocery delivery service and airport pickups and drop-offs.

Promote these as optional add-ons to make it clear to the renter that these are extras you are offering to improve their experience. Some owners offer amenities that are more of an investment, such as coffee machines, outdoor furniture, or bicycles. It’s not necessary, however, to spend a lot of money to make your guests feel extra welcome in their home away from home. Use some of these ideas to get you started, then be creative!Rent an RV | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

  • Snacks. A basket of snacks arranged with a simple note invites your guests to make themselves at home. Read more about offering complimentary snacks for your renters.
  • Tourism aids. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Information Center can be a great source of free maps and brochures for area attractions. Talk to some local businesses and see if you can arrange discounts or coupons for your guests.
  • Basic necessities. Trial-sized shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and other basics are helpful and can make the bathroom feel more homey. Don’t forget camping-specific needs like bug spray, sunscreen, or after-bite creams.
  • Entertainment. Bad weather on vacation can sour anyone’s mood. Pick up a few DVDs, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, cards and board games at a secondhand store to have on hand in the event their trip is a washout. If your RV has a bunkhouse or is otherwise attractive for families, be sure to have child-friendly options.

Getting started

However much you plan to go above-and-beyond with your renters to make sure you get great reviews, it can be difficult for renters to find you or trust you when you are just getting started and don’t have many reviews yet. Consider renting your RV through Outdoorsy at a significant discount to your friends and family in exchange for their 5-star review. Use social media to find people who might be interested in helping you get started. Provide them the same great service you plan to offer your future customers and you’re sure to have plenty of good reviews before long.

Don’t forget to ask!

Coming back from vacation and returning to reality can be overwhelming, and it doesn’t take long for vacation to fade into memories. Renters who had a great experience might not remember to share how wonderful it was, as filling out a review gets lost in their everyday tasks. Don’t be too shy to ask for a 5-star review when your renters return, and be sure to follow up within a few days. Tell them how helpful and important these reviews are for you. If you have helped them have a great vacation, they will likely be glad to help you in return.

Satisfied customers become repeat customers and are likely to refer others. Go the extra mile in serving your customers and watch your business grow.

Christine Lindstrom, Outdoorsy Author

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