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Publicado el May 24, 2022

One of the most iconic ways to explore the U.S is by RV, and many people decide to rent one before taking the plunge into buying one for themselves. If you’re looking to earn some additional income or need help paying off your rig, renting it out through Outdoorsy is a great option! It is the largest and most trusted RV rental marketplace, and with the following tips on how to write a great listing description, you’ll be making money in no time!

How to Write a Great Listing Description | Outdoorsy

Use Quality Photos

People spend the most time looking at the listing photos. It’s the easiest way to see the condition of the RV and decide if it’s something they would want to rent. If you have high-quality photos, your rental will perform better, which means more money in your pocket. You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but in this case, a picture is worth a thousand dollars (or more!). You want to make sure people can imagine themselves inside your rig, which will make them want to rent it.

Good Lighting

Good Lighting

Make sure the lighting is good when you take the photos. Do not take them at night with artificial lights. Pick a bright day when the sun is coming in through the windows. Natural light is more inviting and more pleasant to look at, rather than the artificial LED lights installed in most RVs.

Clean the space

Clean the Space

No one wants to see photos of a sink full of dirty dishes or a messy bathroom. Make sure the space is clean and things are put away, to entice people to rent your RV. The same goes for when someone actually rents the RV—make sure it’s nice and clean for your guests!

Staging photo


Set up your space the way people will want to use it. If you have a unique table, have someone sit at the table drinking coffee in the shot or set up the outside furniture before snapping the photo. If you have a portable grill that comes with your rental, maybe set it up and have someone grilling on it. By adding a human element, people can imagine themselves in the space and will want to rent your rig.

Restroom Photo

Take Plenty of Photos

Make sure to include photographs of every part of the RV so there are no surprises for the renters upon arrival. If you fail to take photos of the bathroom, people may not want to rent it because they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. The more photos, the better!

Offer a Detailed Description

The description of your rig explains all the features that your RV has to offer. Here people want to know the small details, like if cutlery or linens are included, if there is a bathroom, AC, generator, what kind of outlets it has, how many people does it sleep, etc. If you are offering something with your rig, make sure to include it in the description!

Write a Compelling Headline

The headline is the first thing people see, so make it a good one! Simply putting the type of rig you are offering might not attract much of an audience. If you have a unique feature that sets your RV apart from others, put it in your headline! For example, “Solar Powered Off-Road Adventure Van.”  

Upsell Additional Features

If you have additional features that you’re offering with your rental, like kayaks or bikes, or if your rig is pet-friendly, make sure to include those in the description. Adding extras will likely earn you a few extra bucks!

Set the price

Set Your Price

In the end, renting your RV is only worthwhile if you make money—research what other rentals are going for in your area for similar rigs. The last thing you want to do is set your price too high, or opposingly, you set it too low and you’re not making enough to cover your expenses. By seeing what others are offering their rigs, you can set the sweet spot that will keep your rig rented anytime you’re looking for that extra cash flow. 

Now that you are armed with these tips on how to write a great listing and make your rental stand out, you’re ready to start renting your RV on Outdoorsy! Click HERE to get started.

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