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Publicado el October 5, 2016

Benton City, WashingtonMichelle Quarisa’s a Washington state native with lots of trailer and camper experience. She lives in Benton City, Washington, where she runs Red Mountain RV Rentals. (Benton City’s located about an hour west of Walla Walla, or 3 hours southeast of Seattle.)

Michelle rents out motor homes and travel trailers to people all over the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, she’s gotten to hear about local RV vacations of all types.

Michelle is exactly the type of person we love to get travel tips from because she is an insider who understands RV life. She knows the best travel spots.

Here’s a map of all the places Michelle describes below!

Outdoorsy sat down with Michelle to learn more about her area. We started by asking her about the most common 2-day itinerary renters take in Benton City, Washington.

Michelle: You might not guess it if you’re not from here, but this area is really popular for wine tasting! The other thing people do is dry camp. 

Benton City, Washington
Note: dry camping just means camping without water or sewer hookups. It’s kind of like your RV is a really awesome tricked out tent.

We asked Michelle where she’d send a friend visiting the area for a fun outing.

Michelle: There’s some really great horseback riding that happens around here. Red Mountain Trails and Horse Heaven Trails are popular, well-organized and fun. I’d also send a friend to Rattlesnake Mountain. It’s beautiful there.

Horseback riding at Red Mountain Trails
Horseback riding at Red Mountain Trails
Benton City, Washington
Rattlesnake Mountain

Outdoorsy: If you had a week off, what would be your #1 destination in your RV?

Michelle: Definitely Wine Country RV Park. I love wine, and there are 9 local wineries within walking distance of this fun park.  It’s a great place to stay.

Benton City, Washington
For more information about renting one of Michelle’s trailers and taking one of these adventures for yourself, get in touch with her through Outdoorsy!

Benton City, WA

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