Top 5 Stunning RV Parks in Lake George

Jen YoungMay 19, 2022

Top 5 Stunning RV Parks in Lake George

RV camping is one of the most popular activities in the Lake George area. Thousands of tourists come in their RVs to experience the serenity of this mountain setting.

To get the most out of your RV camping in Lake George, make sure to find a suitable RV Park. That’s because it wouldn’t take long for a poorly-managed campsite to turn your holiday into a nightmare.

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Ideally, you’d want to pull up on the best sections of the lake.

This article is about the five best RV parks in Lake George you should consider. Learn what’s so special about them and the activities on offer.

RV Parks, RV Resorts, RV Campsites: What’s the Difference?

It’s easy to confuse these three terms as they sound similar. But they’re not quite the same.

Sites advertised as RV Resorts are top-tier sites equipped with most, if not all, modern amenities. You should expect full hookups, paved sites, restaurants, spas, pools, and fitness centers, among other things within the resort. The experience is closer to a star-rated hotel than a camping site. 

RV parks are the immediate lower-tier sites. You will generally find water and electricity hookups. Some sites may have sewers and paved pathways, but that’s about it. The parks are located in secluded areas and offer more privacy.

RV campsites are, well, camping sites where you park your RV. In most cases, you won’t have access to electricity or water. So you’d have to rely solely on your vehicle. But they tend to offer the most rustic experience, very much like camping.

Lake George RV Park Best Sites

Lake George covers an area of 114 sq km. There are many scenic spots around the lake. So picking the best of the lot isn’t as easy as it sounds. But as already said, some are better than others.  

Since you’ll be bringing in an RV, you should limit your options to the following RV parks: 

  1. Ledgeview Village RV Park
  2. Lake George Escape Campground
  3. King Phillips Campground
  4. Lake George Battleground Campground
  5. Riverview Campground

These are rated highly by the people who’ve been there. Let’s briefly look at each park to learn why.

Ledgeview Village RV Park

Ledgeview is a fully equipped site that’s family-friendly and suited for all types of RVs.

This gated park is located near Lake George’s main attractions. But it’s far enough to guarantee seclusion.

While you’re inside the park, you get to engage in various outdoor activities. There’s a children’s playground area equipped with swings, slides, and climbing stairs. These will keep the children busy for a while.

For adults, there’s a bocce court, a shuffleboard court, and a horseshoe court where you can challenge your friends to a game. The indoor Rec Hall offers an equal number of sports opportunities like table tennis and snooker.

Once you’re done for the day, relax by the pool while sipping your favorite drink.

There’s a camp store inside the park where you can find clothing items, snacks, and stationery. 

This park is suited for both short and week-long stays. There are clean restrooms and a laundry facility that’s open 24X7. Free Wi-FI will keep you connected to the outer world or to your workplace remotely.

The park is just a few minutes away from The Great Escape and close enough to Glen Lake. Both are within walkable distance. So a walking or a cycling session is an excellent way to explore the vicinity for a day.

Lake George Escape Campground

This is another family-friendly RV park but perhaps even better than Ledgeview. Spread across 178 acres of pristine meadows, it’s a full hookup site with resort-like amenities. In fact, this Lake George camping resort has a five-star rating.

It’s located right on the Schroon River and shares its border for over 1 mile. Many camping sites are situated near the riverbank, offering an excellent view of the flowing river with lush trees in the backdrop.

Another good reason to stay at Lake George Escape is that all the sites are located under canopies. Parking sites at other campgrounds are selected randomly. But Lake George Escape ensures that most of its 575 camping and RV spots are in dense, woodsy locations.

Outdoor activities are abundant at this resort, with dedicated courts available for the following sports:

  • Mini golf
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Horseshoes
  • Shuffleboard
  • Basketball

Besides that, canoeing and kayaking are organized on the river either daily or weekly. In the evening, you have a chance to indulge in DJ and dance sessions.

There’s the Honey Bear Store for shopping and a restaurant that serves delicious meals.

Lake George Escape is best for family, corporate retreats, or groups. You get to take advantage of special offers and discounts for group bookings. 

King Phillips Campground

King Phillips is a well-managed, full hookup site. It is also the closest to Lake George Village. It is located directly on the way to the Adirondack Park, at the base of the French Mountain. So you can easily secure a spot with a mountain backdrop for your RV.

Being a full hookup site, you have access to electricity, water, sewer, and cable TV at most locations. Along with that, you have private free shower houses at these locations.

There’s a laundromat with seven commercial washers and eight quick dryers at different corners to help you clean your stuff.

For outdoor activities, the campground has horseshoe pits, a badminton court, and a pavilion where you can arrange other sports. An indoor hall has facilities for ping pong and billiards. 

If you’ve rented a boat, King Phillips has parking space available for that. It comes at a small fee and requires an availability check.

Lake George Battleground Campground

Lake George Battleground is a state-owned campground overseen by the New York State’s Parks. It’s located close to the village of Lake George and other notable sites.

Besides being a scenic water body, Lake George has some historical significance. During the colonial era, the Battle of Lake George was fought at the current location of the campground. There exist remains of several military activities, including a fort.

When you’re at this place, you can explore these remains and get to experience the colonial past.

There are numerous trailer sites within the park, each located at a picturesque location. Organize a picnic or get busy bird watching as soon as you arrive.

A short walk will take you to the Lake George beach, where you can participate in sunbathing and swimming. Within 10 miles of the park, you’ll find other exciting opportunities like boating, canoeing, hiking, and biking, among others.

Riverview Campground

The Riverview Campground allows you to camp near the beach, the river, or the mountain. There are more than 170 campsites to choose from.

A full hookup site, Riverview has all the basic amenities covered. Each site is also provided with a picnic table, fireplace, and fire ring. These will be provided on request.

Full hookup sites are available along the Schroon River, which runs through the campground. You can indulge in swimming, tubing, fishing in the river, or just sit back and watch the river flow. Other sites are located along the beach, and the company keeps adding new virgin campsites each year.

There are arrangements for horseshoe pits, volleyball, billiards, ping pong, and boccie ball. These will keep you busy and entertained for quite some time. 

If required, you can visit the nearby grocery and convenience store for shopping and stocking up the RV.

The Lake George RV park rates vary from $20 to $80 per night, depending on the site and season.

Top Activities at Lake George: For an Exciting Family Vacation 

Irrespective of which RV park you stay at, you’ll have plenty of things to do in and around Lake George. The parks are in the vicinity of the top attractions. The activities most RV campers look forward to are:

  • Unwind at Lake George Village

The Lake George village is at the top of the list for most campers. Many RV parks in Lake George are located near this village to allow easier access.

The village is located at the southernmost end of the lake. The reason it’s very popular is because of the high number of hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational hubs.

The beach is the main attraction for those who want to unwind on the shores. Not all RV parks have a beach. So campers take a short trip to the sandy beaches. There is a golf course nearby where you can have some golf sessions.

The village also has a vibrant nightlife, with the clubs hosting dance sessions and concerts.

  • Adventure Sports at the Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course

On the western shores of the lake, you have the Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course. It’s an open aerial adventure course with ziplines, which is not for the faint of heart. But you should challenge yourself and try to complete the course. 

There are certificates on offer for those who complete it. The adventure course is totally safe and suited for all age groups. 

  • Drive on the Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway

The main benefit of bringing an RV to Lake George is that you get to drive on the Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway. 

The view from the 2,030 feet summit of Prospect Mountain is surreal. The summit offers overlooking views of the Narrows, Lake George, and Eagle’s Eye. You can even see the Canadian land from the top on a clear day.

To get to the top, you have to drive 5.5 miles on a 2-lane highway. There are parking options available to park your RV and explore the area. You can also set up camp nearby before descending to the park.

  • Hike the Scenic Trails

There are multiple hiking trails in the nearby mountains. Prospect Mountain has a few trails. Instead of going in an RV, you can hike to the top. Similarly, there are trails on Buck Mountain and Sleeping Beauty mountain. 

For a real challenge, you can attempt the Lake George 12Ster, a 12-peak challenge in the Adirondack Mountain.

Instead of hiking, you can also opt for cycling. The bikes are available at the RV parks for a fee.

  • Roller coaster rides at the Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor

The Great Escape amusement park is another big attraction for tourists visiting Lake George. It has thrilling rides like Pandemonium, Sasquatch, Flashback, and Condor that are sure to pump your adrenaline.

There are water rides as well, in case you’re interested in taking the plunge. Along with the rides, there’s a restaurant, gift shop, and shopping center.

One benefit of camping in an RV is that you have the flexibility to shift your base. You can stay in one corner of the lake and then at the opposite end the next day. Thus, you get to experience Lake George from all sides.

Best Time to Visit Lake George

Because of the variety in topography, Lake George is an amazing place to visit, irrespective of the season.

That being said, the best time to visit Lake George is  May through September. That’s when the temperature is perfect, which allows you to engage in the highest number of activities. Festivals are also arranged during these months, some of which are:

All three festivals take place in June.

October to November, the fall season, is also a good period to visit Lake George. The temperature will be on the colder side, and you may even encounter snow. For RV campers, these months might even be better. You’ll be greeted with the fall foliage as the leaves change color from green to orange and crimson.

December to February is the time frame for skiing and ice skating as the region gets about 63 inches of snowfall.

Camping at Lake George in an RV is something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. With parks improving and renovating each year, the experience will only get better.

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