Liberty Harbor RV Park: A Complete Review

Jen YoungJuly 4, 2022

Liberty Harbor RV Park: A Complete Review
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Imagine a trip in your RV to enjoy the beauty surrounding the Hudson River – away from the city crowd. That’s what a stay at the Liberty Harbor RV Park will give you. This RV park is an excellent spot – with quick access to all the fun places to visit and enjoy. 

Perched on the bank of the Hudson River, the Liberty Harbor RV Park in Jersey City is a spacious and beautiful RV park. It gives you the chance to explore both New Jersey and New York. The paved sites offer a stunning view of the skyscrapers and the river.  

Why should you station your rig at the Liberty Harbor RV Park the next time you want a riverside escape? Keep reading to find out!

Liberty Harbor RV Park Overview 

Imagine how great it would be to look up and grab a view of the Statue of Liberty from your RV. That’s what you can get at the Liberty Harbor RV Park, an RV park closest to New York City. It should take you 15 minutes or less to reach the park from Manhattan.    

The property is well-connected to New York City, as well as different parts of New Jersey. It offers sites for vehicles of various sizes – with a range of amenities to make your stay comfy. Plus, you can indulge in dining and drinking at the on-site eateries and bars.  

The place welcomes guests throughout the year, and throughout the day! You can park at their pull-through rigs. However, we suggest you make a reservation to avoid disappointment due to unavailability and get the best arrangements. 

liberty harbor rv park

The Benefit of Quick Access to New York City

One of the reasons to camp here is to enjoy easy access to New York City – as well as the iconic locations in Jersey City. Here’s how: 

  • You’ll get the NY Waterway Ferry from Liberty Harbor to downtown Manhattan. 
  • The closest PATH train station to get you around NYC is just five blocks away. 
  • Hop on the Light Rail a block away from here – and travel around New Jersey.   
  • Some of the best restaurants, pubs, and bars are within walking distance. 
  • There are many subway and ferry service options to take you everywhere. 

Sites and Amenities at Liberty Harbor RV Park 

The Liberty Harbor RV Park offers 50 sites for vehicles of different sizes. Do you own a tow car or a slide-out? Is it a small motorhome or a big bus? Don’t worry – the Liberty Harbor RV Park sites are long enough to handle it all. 

The sites at the park provide the following facilities: 

  • Water supply
  • Access to electricity
  • 24/7 access to restrooms and hot showers
  • 24/7 laundry
  • Dump station  
  • Free Wi-fi access

The park has round-the-clock security for the complete safety of visitors. Plus, you will get access to emails and fax machines at the park office, which remains open between 9 am and 5 pm. You can even get postcards here to send to your friends. 

That’s not all! The staff members at the park are super-friendly – living up to the reputation of the people of New Jersey. If you need tour guidance, they will help you get around the two cities with maps, brochures, and proper directions. 

zeppelin hall - liberty harbor rv park

On-Site Restaurant/Bar

During your stay at the Liberty Harbor RV Park, the best eateries and bars in both Jersey City and New York City are just a short walk away. But don’t forget to try the two fabulous restaurants and bars within the park’s premises from May to October!

The first establishment is Surf City, a waterfront restaurant and bar for casual dining. You can gorge on burgers, dogs, wraps, and more – and wash it all down with beer, wine, and tropical cocktails – while enjoying a breathtaking view. 

The second place to enjoy delicious food and drinks is Zeppelin Hall. This is a happening place in Jersey City – one of those party places that adds life to the night scene of the city. You can enjoy American food and draft beers here. 

Camping Grounds Near Liberty Harbor RV Park 

Close to the Liberty Harbor Marina and Jersey City, there are a few stunning camping grounds where you can enjoy a short getaway. Let’s take a look at these places: 

a) SunAir Lakeside Campground

The SunAir Lakeside Campground is yet another campground in Jersey City. If you want some respite from your busy life, this park beside the Dogwood Pond will give you just what you need. Fresh air, wooded environment, fishing – this place is a paradise.  

b) Oak Grove Park

oak grove rv park - liberty harbor rv park

The Oak Grove RV Park is a beautiful place to enjoy some quiet time. Surrounded by Oak trees and greenery, this campground in Jersey City has several trails for long, relaxing walks. The park is easy to reach – and a fun place for both children and adults.

c) Boulder Woods Campground

An RV park that brings you the luxury of a resort – the Boulder Woods Campground provides a unique experience. Pools, private lakes for fishing, basketball courts – the list goes on. The signature charm and friendliness of New Jersey are just a few added perks! 

d) Panther Lake Camping Resort 

panther lake resort - liberty harbor rv park

For a quick escape from your city life, take your rig to the Panther Lake Camping Resort. It’s one of the biggest camping grounds near the city, surrounding a beautiful lake with sandy beaches. You can also take hiking trips along the nearby trails. 

e) Camp Gateway- Brooklyn Ny Campground

Close to Liberty Harbor is another camping ground, this one in New York. The Camp Gateway- Brooklyn NY Campground gives you the rare experience of sleeping under the stars. It gives you a chance to experience NYC’s architecture, culture, and happening lifestyle!

Things to Do Near Liberty Harbor RV Park 

Once you have parked your vehicle at the Liberty Harbor RV Park, you have several recreational activities to choose from. This park has a fabulous location that lets you reach the iconic attractions of both New York City and Jersey City City. 

It might be a little confusing as to what you can do here. So here are three activities that will make your trip fun and satisfying. Take a look:

a) NYC All-Around-Town Bus Tour

Want to enjoy the best attractions of New York City? Not sure where to start? Hop on a double-decker and take a trip around the city. Empire State Building, Central Park – everything can be covered in this long trip. The bus ride itself is an unforgettable experience. 

b) NYC Cruise Trip

It would be a sin not to take advantage of the Hudson while staying near Liberty Harbor. Book a sightseeing cruise around Manhattan to take in the picture-perfect skyline and the bridges of NYC. Or join a luxe night cruise to enjoy the shimmering lights (maybe with some wine). 

c) Beach Trip in New Jersey

About an hour’s drive away from Jersey City is some of the most stunning beaches in New Jersey. Go to the beaches by the Atlantic Ocean and make a day of it. Sandy Hook National Seashore, Belmar Beach, and Point Pleasant Beach are must-visits.

While NYC is the world’s greatest city, Jersey City has a rich balance of beauty, culture, and liveliness to be proud of. So enjoy the essence of each city during your trip.

Final Thoughts

The Liberty Harbor RV Park is a one-of-a-kind rig park. It gives you the chance to experience camping amidst a flurry of activities. And suddenly, the urban humdrum won’t seem boring anymore! 

It lets you get around Jersey City and New York City so that you can get the best of both worlds. So rediscover the charm of NYC and explore the fun side of New Jersey’s heartland. Park your rig for a day or two at the Liberty Harbor RV Park!  

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When is the Liberty Harbor RV Park open?

The Liberty Harbor RV Park has 50 trailer sites that are open throughout the year. It’s best to make a reservation and check-in at noon. However, the park allows 24/7 check-in, with round-the-clock access to bathrooms and all the standard amenities. 

How can you reach NYC from the Liberty Harbor RV Park?

The Liberty Harbor RV Park is located on the bank of the Hudson River. It’s just a short walk away from Liberty Harbor, from where you can take the NY Waterway Ferry to NYC. You can also walk to Grove Street Station and take a train ride to Manhattan.  

Which restaurants and bars are closest to the Liberty Harbor RV Park?

The location of Liberty Harbor RV Park will let you easily access the top restaurants and bars in the Jersey City area. You can go to Domodomo, The Ashford, Battello, Diesel and Duke, etc. But don’t miss the seasonal Zeppelin Hall and Surf City in the park!

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