Here’s Why You Should List Your Outdoorsy Vehicle With KOA

May 7, 2018

Here’s Why You Should List Your Outdoorsy Vehicle With KOA

Want to make some extra money? We thought so. And no, this isn’t a scam. You can put some extra cash in your pocket with minimal effort, thanks to the partnership between Outdoorsy and KOA that allows you to list your RV with KOA for others to enjoy. You can rent out your RV and make money with ease like you’ve never imagined. And, if you’re on the other side as someone looking to rent an RV, you’ll also love the options this partnership provides.

KOA is no stranger to the camping game. As the largest group of private campgrounds in the entire world, KOA offers over 500 fabulous camping locations in the United States and Canada. By listing your Outdoorsy vehicle with KOA you’ll have a great side hustle that allows you to share the sense of adventure in an RV with someone else, while you’re planning your next trip.

Trust That Renters Get Access to Premium Campgrounds

KOAs campgrounds are top-notch. It’s no secret why they’re the industry leaders in the camping world. The amenities you’ll find at KOAs across the U.S. and Canada include:

  • Premium camping sites
  • Long pull-through sites
  • Staff-led activities
  • Food service
  • Holiday festivities
  • Cabin camping
  • And much more

You’ll love knowing that the people renting your RV will have access to the finest campgrounds in America, and maybe even share recommendations for their favorite spots with you!

Renting Is Easy

Rather than hassling with coordinating where you can list your RV for rent, where a renter can find it, and where they can park it (not to mention everything else in the middle), keep things simple and use Outdoorsy. By using Outdoorsy, you can place your RV up for rent and know you’ll be helping someone easily book the perfect RV and the perfect KOA campsite in one fell swoop. Because Outdoorsy and KOA make this rental process so simple, you’ll have time left over for other things. And, we think you should spend that extra time planning your own summer RV adventures.

Opens Doors To A New Generation Of Camping

Though good old fashioned camping will never go out of style, it’s great to see this partnership with KOA open up the doors to a new generation of camping, and campers. With everything made so accessible and easy to navigate, people of all ages will be hopping online to reserve their Outdoorsy vehicle and KOA campsite. Everyone in our tech-centric world could use more time to unplug and enjoy nature, and Outdoorsy + KOA have made that simple.

Make Some Great Money on the Side

Many RV owners who have listed their Outdoorsy vehicles with KOA have found it to be more than just a side hustle, but rather a great way to make a great second (or even first) income. If you’re not a full-time RVer, why not make some money when you’re not on the road? You can trust Outdoorsy and KOA to keep your vehicle safe and sound, and throw some money your way while doing it. 


So what are you waiting for? Get your RV up on Outdoorsy today and start sharing the RV life with others! Venture here to get started.

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