An Affordable Place to Stay While Skiing on Vancouver Island

Team OutdoorsyMarch 7, 2017

An Affordable Place to Stay While Skiing on Vancouver Island

The Rocky Mountains is the ideal location for many winter sports, especially skiing. If you think that the Pacific Northwest ends at the northern border of Washington state, check your GPS again. The Pacific Northwest includes British Columbia. The price of gas or ski rental helps your checkbook, as you can take the strong American dollar north of the border. But what’s the easiest way to find an affordable place to stay while luxury skiing? We have an idea. Why not rent an RV in Seattle, then take a ferry to cross the border into Canada?

affordable place to stay
This Coachman sleeps 6 and is available to rent in Maple Valley, Washington.

A Pacific Playground

You could refer to all of Vancouver Island as a Pacific Playground, but it’s also the name of the upscale, luxury RV resort that can host you and your home on wheels as you explore the island.

The Pacific Playground Resort and Marina.


When you take the ferry from Washington state, you’ll land in the city of Victoria on the southern tip of the island. This is the provincial capital and is home to the Parliament buildings and other uniquely Canadian attractions. Enjoy tea time in the stately Empress Hotel, or explore the Royal British Columbia Museum in the provincial capital, before beginning a three-hour drive north to the resort. Take a ferry from the Canadian side, and arrive in Nanaimo, a large city on the eastern coast, to cut your driving time to the resort in half.

Tea time in the Empress Hotel.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

In addition to an array of activities and amenities available, the home of Canada’s deepest, snowiest pile is less than 30 miles away from Pacific Playground. Mount Washington Alpine Resort boasts almost 40 feet of annual snowfall, more than anywhere else in the country.

Nordic racing at Mount Washington.

The resort also offers some of the best conditions for cross-country skiing on the continent. Guests can also go snowshoeing, hiking, tubing, or tobogganing.

If you’re traveling in an RV or campervan, you can camp in the Sunrise parking lot if you want to be in the heart of the action. The lot is located at the foot of the hill and next to the Sunrise chairlift. Note! There are no utility hookups and your RV must be totally self-contained.

Your RV is as much suited to exploring the wonder of winter as every active, spectacular summer. British Columbia, Canada’s most western province, also offers a world of snow-capped mountains, ocean vistas, cedar trees, and delicious salmon dinners. There are hills and valleys here that can easily compete with anything on the mainland, so leave some space for skis and boards when you load up the RV for some northern exposure.

Find a great rental, pack your snowboard, and take off today!

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