Spontaneous Road Trips: Lulu-Tested, Lulu-Approved

Lizzie DragonNovember 17, 2020

Spontaneous Road Trips: Lulu-Tested, Lulu-Approved

We’re often told that life is short and that it’s important to make every moment count. As you’ll read, Doug and Rebecca took this very seriously, giving their “old girl,” Lulu, the spontaneous RV adventure of a lifetime.

Lulu basking in a beach sunset.

Sunsets from a Sprinter

For 13.5 years, Lulu has been the heart of the Leibinger family. As she gets further up in age, there’s no way to be sure just how much longer they have with her — it could be three months or three years.

So, when all three of their daughters were away for the weekend, the couple got a wild empty nester’s hair and hit the road.

First stop? Somewhere Lulu had never been before — the beach. “[We] simply wanted our dog, Lulu, to experience saltwater, the beach, waves while she could still be mobile and enjoy it,” Doug tells us.

Doug and Rebecca booked a Sprinter in Eagle, Colorado, to make what they called “a whirlwind dash to the ocean and back.” And quite the whirlwind it was.

The two booked an RV on a Tuesday and headed to the ocean that Thursday. In one weekend, Lulu made it to Santa Monica beach, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, and Arches National Park.

They saw beach sunrises and sunsets, drove through a blizzard, and experienced a 70-degree swing in temperature — all in a three-day span.

Memories for a Lifetime

Their van rental made this whirlwind a breeze! It was perfect for humans and dogs alike. Not having to book campsites or lodging made for an easy and extra spontaneous trip — one full of memories of Lulu and their adventure together to last a lifetime. 

This three-day road trip was filled with memorable moments, from the snowy arches in Moab to the Santa Monica sunset.

“Seeing the sunrise in three different national parks was pretty special,” Doug says. And as far as empty-nesting goes, it’s looking pretty good for the two and their pup. 

If you’re looking to head for the beach or the mountains with your furry companion, Outdoorsy can get you there. With many pet-friendly RVs to choose from, the world is your Lulu-approved puppy playground!


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