5 Reasons to Rent Your Rig for the Super Bowl and Beyond

Sigfried TrentJanuary 23, 2018

5 Reasons to Rent Your Rig for the Super Bowl and Beyond

The Super Bowl season is upon us. Not only is it a great moment for sports fans, it is a great moment for business. People are excited about the big game and thinking about how to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to tap into that energy, make some money, and promote your enterprise. Why not rent your rig for the Super Bowl? Here’s 5 reasons to list your RV on Outdoorsy.

1: It Gets Attention

People are excited about the Super Bowl. They want to read, watch, and learn about things that are Super Bowl related. Case in point, you are reading this article right now! Promoting your rental for the Super Bowl will get a larger number of people aware of what you offer and have them thinking about renting your RV for sporting events.

Super Bowl LIV is taking place on February 2nd, 2020 in Miami, Florida.

But these factors actually play to your advantage in getting attention from your promotion. People will be curious what you are offering, why, and how it might work. Also keep in mind, in future years, the Super Bowl will be in a location more hospitable to RV travel. The attention you get with any good promotion can often turn into future sales.

This may not have much to do with the Super Bowl, but it probably got your attention.

2: Create a Core Connection

Sports fans are known for their passion. To be a fan is to tie your own personal identity to your team. Anything associated with said team, or with said sport, becomes beloved in a very personal way. Tie your promotion to the Superbowl and you create strong positive impressions of your RV business.

The key is to show that you share the same love and enthusiasm your customers embody. Demonstrate your love of the game, your love of the teams, and your passion for the celebration of sport. When it comes time to choosing which RV to rent, the owner that shares their passion is going to be first in mind.

Customers who rent your RV for a sporting event are likely to have a great time on their trip. Those positive memories and experiences are going to make them think of you for future trips and motivate them to leave positive reviews and comments.

The dedication of fans knows no bounds.

3: Sports and RVs are a Great Combination

Sports fans often plan trips around sporting events, and they often bring along the whole family. RVs are a fantastic way for sports fans to travel and celebrate sports with loved ones at the same time.

Auto racing and RVs go especially well together. Many U.S. race car tracks have spots for RV camping inside the race track or right alongside. Not only do the RVers get some of the best seats in the house, they are set up near the crew trailers so they get to meet and mingle with the athletes and engineers. For a race fan, it is an incredible experience.

College football has a strong RV culture at their games with many schools offering full hookup sites near the stadium. RVs are the ultimate stage for tailgating parties. Baseball fans could make a dream vacation of staying in an RV for spring training in the desert southwest for the Cactus League, or in Florida for the Grapefruit League. Rodeos and RVs have a strong cultural connection as well. You can also find business renting RVs to amateur or semi-pro athletes who book their own accommodations for away games or conferences.

Golfers are another great customer base. A good number of golf courses have full RV parks on site, especially those in more remote locations. From experience, these are often well manicured RV parks and many of the campers there come for extended golfing trips.

RVs get front row seating at the NASCAR track in Las Vegas.

4: It Gets You Thinking About Event Promotion

Event promotion is simply a great way to find customers and get your RV booked through the whole year. America has innumerable festivals and special events where RVs are the perfect way to get there and have a base of operations. Chili cook-offs, music festivals, rocket launches, comic conventions, renaissance festivals, and of course, sporting events are happening all the time. Tapping into those markets is a great way to build a customer base and get reliable repeat business.

To really deliver the optimal experience, offer some extras for these events. For the Super Bowl, stock the fridge with soda and the cupboard with snacks. It’s a small expense that will pay off handsomely in customer satisfaction. If your rig comes equipped with satellite TV or other features perfect for sports fans, be sure to highlight these unique touches in your marketing.

5: It’s an Opportunity to Upsell

Anyone seriously considering a trip to the Super Bowl knows they will be spending a fair amount of money. Tickets alone may run more than $2,500 for the “cheap” seats. This is a premium event and people are prepared to pay premium prices. This is a great opportunity to offer premium upgrades or a special Super Bowl package that ups the price, but goes all out in providing a fantastic experience for the renter.

This would be true not only of the Super Bowl, but any marquee annual event that your renters will travel for. I’d recommend against making any serious investment until you have a booking, so try to make sure the extras you offer can be reliably arranged between the time booked and the date of rental.

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Sigfried Trent, Outdoorsy Author

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