Renter Of The Week – Grant Vetters

Chelsea GonzalesJuly 31, 2019

Renter Of The Week – Grant Vetters

Meet Grant Vetters, a professional filmmaker from Vancouver, BC who has a wonderful sense of adventure. 

We all know that Outdoorsy and off-the-grid adventures go hand in hand. So there is little surprise that Mr. Vetters recently had an Outdoorsy adventure of his own. “I visited Hawaii — The Big Island,” Grant recalls. “I went with my girlfriend, and we were gone for 15 days. Five of those days were spent in an Outdoorsy rental.”

The rental he chose was a 1994 GMC van, and as it turns out, renting a van was 100% the right call. “I loved being able to drive far distances daily in our rental and spend the night in that area, not having to drive back all the way back to a hotel,” Vetters tells us. 

He then went on to tell us a bit about his trip. “We had a blast touring around a lot of Hawaii, enjoying warm weather and swimming in warm, pristine ocean water,” he happily remembers. “I will never forget the wonderful images I was able to capture on that memorable trip.

“When looking at renting an RV, I was apprehensive about the reliability of vehicles and insurance requirements. Both were alleviated with no issues,” Grant says. “Renting through Outdoorsy was a pretty easy process all around. It was very similar to experiences with Airbnb. I will recommend Outdoorsy to friends who want a unique and amazing adventure of renting a vehicle affordably that also becomes their hotel.”

All About Grant

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee; Kona coffee, of course!”

Favorite campsite meal: “Hot dogs!

Music you like to play on the radio: “I’m old school—’70s music, back when music was pure and lyrics were poetry.”

Favorite season: “Summer”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal: “Dolphin”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Hmmm…right across Canada, the US, and Europe! I would take 5 years to do so!”

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