How to Choose the Right Campervan for You

Sarah TaggartApril 4, 2018

How to Choose the Right Campervan for You

In the past few years, living and vacationing in an RV has become significantly more popular. Along with this trend, has emerged a group of people living and traveling in a van – more commonly known as van life. Although you can spend hours and tons of money buying and converting your own van, there is a better way. Renting a campervan for your next road trip will be an easier, cheaper, and a less permanent way of getting a taste of van life! This post will help you to figure out what type of campervan is right for you to rent!

Types of campervans

There are several types of campervans that one can choose from. There are several options ranging from the classic Volkswagen bus to a decked-out 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Van. Multiple people can be accommodated well in larger vans such as a Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit. For trips involving two people, smaller cargo vans such as Ford Transit Connect, Ram Pro Master City, and Nissan NV 200 are other great options.

Things to consider


If your trip will take place in a mild time of the year, drivetrain shouldn’t matter too much, but it is still important to pay attention to. Travelers may be surprised when researching vans how many are rear wheel drive (RWD). If you plan to take the van off-roading, make sure your van will have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive and that it is okay with the owner of the van.

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As mentioned before, depending on how many people you are bringing on your trip, this can affect what size van you may rent. It’s also important to consider how large of a van you are comfortable driving. A mini cargo van (such as a Ford Transit Connect or VW Campervan) is similar to driving a larger car or truck. A large van such as a Sprinter or Ford Transit will take a little more getting used to.

Gas mileage

Depending on the length of your road trip, gas mileage can be an important detail to look into when deciding to rent a campervan. Depending on the size, year, and type of engine, a campervan’s miles per gallon can range from 10 to up to 28 MPG.

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Campervan vs. traditional RV

There are benefits and disadvantages to renting a campervan vs. a traditional RV. Either option will allow you an amazing experience on your next vacation. The main advantage of having a campervan is they are typically easier to handle for daily driving. These type of vans are very similar to a car in the way they drive. They often can fit into a regular parking spot!

The disadvantage is you are more likely to find models without running water or a bathroom. In some larger campervans, you may find all the amenities that a traditional RV might have, but you still get the aerodynamic shape of a cargo van. Lastly, vans are often more outfitted for off-road adventures. Traditional RVs are usually built more for driving from point A to B and just being your home base. The right campervan can make it possible to make a home in more remote and adventurous places!

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