How to Add Roadside Assistance to Your RV Rental

Team OutdoorsyNovember 22, 2016

How to Add Roadside Assistance to Your RV Rental

Since roadside assistance is a new RV rental offering on the Outdoorsy platform, we wanted to make sure renters and owners understand how the program works if you’re renting an RV, and how it came to be. What better way to do that than a little post?

RV roadside assistance. In case the nearest gas station looks like…this.

The background: We’ve heard from many renters that an RV-specific roadside assistance plan servicing hard-to-reach campgrounds (as well as everywhere else) is a top need–especially since regular roadside plans often can’t address RV needs. In just the past few weeks, we finalized a powerful new partnership with a company called Coach-Net. Here’s what you need to know about Coach-Net: They are the industry leader in 24/7 roadside assistance. Through them, we’re offering the RV Vacation Care Plan. It’s made up of 3 core components:

Roadside Help Including:

  • Unlimited Towing
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Emergency Fluids Delivery
  • Battery Boost
  • Mobile Mechanic

A Magical 24/7 Technical Phone Support Line

  • Answering questions like, “I’m only getting cnew water in my shower, how do I fix it?”
  • Or how to get retracting slide rooms to work
  • How to use leveling jacks
  • How to connect power supply
  • How to operate your RV appliances
  • Help finding a service facility

Real People Helping You with Concierge Planning and Research Services 

Everything from helping you find and reserve a spot in the nearest RV park to sourcing great local restaurants, can you believe it?

The data visualization expert Max Roser tweeted this image out with the caption: “Before Google Maps: A navigation hotline in 1963.” It reminded us of how great the human touch is. Coach-Net has both the human touch AND high-tech solutions knit together.

Now that we’ve described what the Coach-Net RV Vacation Care plan is, we need to tell you how to get in on the goodness.

How to Get Roadside Assistance on your RV Rental

1. Get on Outdoorsy, and shop around for your dream RV rental.

2. The Coach-Net RV Vacation Care plan is included as an add-on for just $15 a day.

3. Relax. We’ll email you everything you need to know including the plan’s hotline phone number before your trip starts.

roadside assistance RV rental
Get ready to get on the road, totally worry-free.

Still have questions? Our roadside assistance FAQs can help.

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