Leslie Carvitto
by Leslie Carvitto
Publicado el August 10, 2019

Tell us all about The Bosch Life. Who are you and where are you from?

“The Bosch Life is our lifestyle dedicated to all things van life and searching the open road for adventure. Or shall we say ad-VAN-ture?! (cheesy puns are also part of The Bosch Life) We are Lindsay and Tom Bosch, and our child (we mean, van) is Chico. We’re originally from the San Francisco, California Bay-Area, but just recently moved to Palm Springs for a bit of a slower pace and lifestyle change. We bought “Chico” in Chico, California, so that’s why we named him that. So creative, right?”

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What was your main aspiration behind buying your van “Chico” and hitting the road?

“We love taking road trips to hiking destinations. We also love rewarding ourselves after long hikes with afternoon apps while sipping a cold brew or cocktail. More often than not, that would lead to exploring new areas and towns, and looking for a hotel so we could hang out longer. At some point, I think we just had a light bulb moment, like ‘Why don’t we just buy a van so that we always have the option to stay the night if we want and keep the fun going?’ From there, we started researching and realized van life was right up our alley. We just love exploring, road trips, and spontaneity, so it ended up being a no brainer. Best decision we ever made!”

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What kind of vehicle do you travel in and why did you choose it?

“It’s an ‘84 Volkswagen Westfalia. We are more old-school than modern, so the personality of the Westy just suited us. We also love a good creative project, so the idea of fixing one up and putting our own touches on it was half the fun. Instant pop-up tent and a fridge filled with goodies…yes please! What else do you need?”

When was your maiden voyage and where did it take you?

“Our maiden voyage was just last summer. We kicked it off in Monterrey, California and camped near a reggae music festival (Cali Roots) in Big Sur. Then, we headed south down the coast and hit as many beachfront camp spots as we could. There’s nothing like waking up at the beach in your Westy!”

Pre-renovation Chico looks much different from current Chico! What kind of renovations did you do and how long did it take? 

“Ohhh man, where to begin?! It took about four months. We had a Subaru conversion done with a 2.2 Liter rebuilt engine. We replaced every seal for the windows and doors, had body and paintwork done, put in new flooring, new fridge, new side mirrors, added a propex heater (a must-have!), added some badass steel bumpers, new wheels, and tires, plus about a million other little things! After about two months on the road, we had the transmission rebuilt. Hoping soon there won’t be much left to replace!”

What destination has left a lasting impression on you?

“Joshua Tree will always have a special place in our hearts. Once you get into the park, it’s just other-worldly and has some of the most beautiful sunsets and stargazing anywhere in California. It’s one of the first places we ever camped together, and it’s just magical. A must see!”

Do you have any road trips planned for this summer or autumn?

“Well, we just moved to Palm Springs a few months ago, so we are excited about all the new weekender trips we can take from here and exploring Southern California. Since it’s so hot here during summer, we have plans almost every weekend to escape the desert heat and explore places like Idyllwild, Big Bear, San Diego, LA – so many new landscapes and possibilities within a couple of hours from us now! Utah is definitely right around the corner on our list too!”

What advice would you give someone wanting to purchase and/or restore a VW bus?

“Take up yoga or meditation! Sometimes the van requires a little extra love and patience! Lots of little hiccups along the way, but it gives it some personality and always a good story to laugh about later. You just have to go with the flow and roll with it. Plan for the essentials and leave the rest to fate!”

What are your five must-have items for van life? 

  1. Propex heater. So nice to keep you warm and toasty at night!
  2. External battery. Keeps all our outlets and chargers working when Chico is parked and napping.
  3. Mini barbecue. There’s nothing like camping and grilling
  4. Fridge. Must have a stocked fridge! Never know when you’re gonna need a beer and a snack.
  5. Flexible plans! It’s good to have general destinations, but half the fun of the van is being able to switch them up as you go.

What’s your favorite part about owning a Volkswagen Westfalia?

“Suddenly, everything you do just becomes more fun! Even taking it to the grocery store is more fun in a van. Also just knowing it’s in the driveway and all the opportunities it brings is such an empowering and freeing feeling. We always have a home on wheels, a bed, and everything we need for wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go!”

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Rapid Fire Q&A

Our bucket list destination is … 

“Maui! We’re dying to put Chico on a boat and spend a few months on that magical island.”

The best campsite in California is … 

“Hmmmm, we can’t just give our best spot away! Really, it’s the non-campsites that you randomly come across that have been our favorites. Somewhere along Highway 101 near Laguna Beach, we found the best spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean.”

When we’re not traveling, you can find us …

“Eating our way through Palm Springs! There are so many great restaurants here that we’re on a mission to try them all (and still fit into our pants hopefully).”

Coffee time or happy hour?

“Happy hour, no brainer. Unless it’s the morning after a happy hour… coffee time! (With a side of brunch and bloody marys.)” 

Route planning or spontaneity?

“Both! We are both inherent planners, but we always leave room for spontaneity and switching things up. You never know what you’ll be drawn to along the way, so you’ve gotta always be open to following a feeling!”

Leslie Carvitto


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