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by Jon & Nadia Bajuelo
Publicado el February 1, 2022

If you’re looking for the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day out in nature, you may be looking for a spot with just the right amount of drama and perhaps a dash of romance. A place to park your RV that stirs the heart and soul and inspires awe and gratitude. Most of all you might seek a place that will make you and your special Valentine pull in close. This Valentine’s Day treat your loved one to a day on the edge of nature.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in nature

Planning a getaway in the outdoors can help you convey to your companion how much they mean to you when words just seem to fall short. At the edge of nature, you will find the places that often take your breath away. The contrast offered by a canyon, cliff, mountaintop, or shore can leave you in awe and stir feelings of possibility or reflection. Experiencing that together creates an intimate moment.

You may reminisce on the time you’ve spent together or look forward to the coming year side by side. As an added bonus, these scenic outlooks will often push you out of cell signal, helping you to connect with your Valentine and really make the day all about them.

So grab your significant other, your furry best friend, or a dear relative and show your Valentine just how much they mean to you.

The water’s edge

Try heading to the shore this Valentine’s Day. While only some of us will be able to spend Valentine’s Day on a beach in Miami, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. If you find yourself in California, try the shores of San Diego or a pull-out along the Pacific Coast Highway. Should you be inland, try spending the day lakeside or by the riverbanks. Austin’s Barton Springs immediately comes to mind, but wherever you are there are beautiful lakes, even if lesser known. Fontana Lake in western North Carolina is another hidden gem.

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Canyons, mountains & overlooks

You can sit side by side, feet swung over the edge of the Grand Canyon looking out over one of the 7 Wonders of the World. But once again, you can adapt the idea to wherever you may find yourself this February. Providence Canyon State Park in southwest Georgia is home to Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon” for instance. Be sure to check out the National and State Parks in your area for some great overlooks, canyons, or views. And don’t forget to check out scenic byways near you, too.

Forest borders

Treelines and areas that suddenly become clearings can be the perfect place to park a camper and enjoy a Valentine’s Day picnic. Good places to find these areas are off of National Forest Service roads and BLM land. National Forests themselves are also good places to look. For those of you in northern areas, several National Forests and State Parks are open for winter camping. Simply check their websites and don’t forget to check the weather forecast and any updates on road closures.

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Prepare for nature’s edge

Valentine’s Day is in the winter, making it vital that you carefully prepare for your day out in nature. You don’t want to leave yourself or your Valentine shivering! Be sure to wear layers and bring coats heavy enough to protect against wind and cold. Also remember to bring cozy blankets and throws. If you’re spending the night, string lights and bring some wine or warm beverages like coffee and tea to create a cozy ambiance. If your Valentine is of the four-legged, furry variety, don’t forget they might need a coat and blanket, too. Many people associate Valentine’s with sweet treats, so you may like to bring your favorites along with you. Last, be sure to closely monitor the weather forecast, because nothing can dampen the mood more than damp weather.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day out on the edge of nature by renting an RV through Outdoorsy.

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