Winter-Ready RVs for Your Next Road Trip

Krista DoyleOctober 15, 2022

Winter-Ready RVs for Your Next Road Trip

Winter might seem like a bizarre time to camp in an RV. After all, RVs aren’t usually known for winter road trips because they tend to feature light insulation and freeze-prone pipes. A pop-up camper, for example, gets rough anytime the mercury dips below 40. Many RVs also aren’t equipped with snow tires or 4×4, making winter navigation a perilous proposition.

But this really is a shame because there are so many fun winter camping activities just waiting for the right RV!

From skiing to ice-fishing to snowshoeing to enjoying hot cocoa by an RV fireplace, winter RV activities and destinations are truly some of the most underrated out there. By planning a winter road trip in a properly-equipped RV, you can literally bring these winter wonders right to your doorstep. 

However, it’s important to understand the types of RVs you should look for to reach winter RV destinations. You’ll also want to know about the winter RV features that’ll keep pipes flowing and inhabitants warm.

Here at Outdoorsy, we have several types of rigs that’ll keep you and the family happy on a winter camping trip. Let’s check them out. 

What to Look for in a Winter-Ready Rig

Before we get into our list of rigs that can take you to winter RV destinations, it’s important to understand the features to look for:

  • Heated tanksWater and sewer tanks in an RV are generally underneath the rig, making them prone to freezing. An RV that’s ready for a winter road trip will feature heated tanks to prevent this catastrophe.
  • Insulated pipesPipes also run underneath the RV, so winter-ready rigs will heavily insulate the bays where the pipes run through.
  • Four-season insulationWinter-ready RVs will feature heavy-duty insulation designed to keep you warm in the bitterest of cold.
  • Winter tiresThe best winter RV is only as good as the tires that get you to your destination
  • Winter windowsThese will usually be dual-pane, but ultimately, any RV that is designated a “four-season RV” will have windows that can stand up to the cold.

What RVs Should You Look for on Your Winter Road Trip?

There are many rigs on our platform that are ready for your next winter RV destination. Here are nine great examples from our site:

  1. Forest River Rockwood Windjammer – This camper features an electric fireplace, thermo-pane windows, and electronically-controlled heated water tanks. It’s a fun and nimble RV that’ll keep you toasty no matter where you roll.
  2. Jayco Redhawk 26XD – This motorized RV will keep you warm on a fully self-contained winter road trip. It features a massive furnace for a rig this size, heavy-duty insulation, and its all-in-one construction means you simply spin around the driver’s seat when you reach camp to walk into your warm coach!
  3. Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer – Lance trailers with the “4 Seasons Package” will get you to any winter RV destination. That’s because they feature Lance’s proprietary ducted heating system that heats all rooms evenly, high-tech insulation, and dual-pane insulated windows.
  4. Forest River Arctic Wolf – The Arctic Wolf is one of the longest-built and most trusted models for winter RVing because it has the thickest insulation and innovative ways of circulating heat around the rig.
  5. Jayco Eagle – Along with its beefy insulation, this rig is fitted with extra propane capacity to keep you warm when dry camping in the winter. 
  6. Heartland Bighorn Fifth-Wheel – This RV brings the luxuries of home to some of the coldest winter campsites. Featuring a 42k BTU furnace and an under-floor heating duct, you’ll stay warm in any winter RV destination.
  7. Keystone Raptor – Want to take the snowmobile with you on your winter road trip? The Keystone Raptor will keep you and your toys warm no matter the location. The Raptor features the Fantastic Artic package from Keystone, which gets you the maximum insulation and heating capacity for a rig this size.
  8. Northwood’s Arctic Fox – When it comes to Alaskan truck campers, you won’t find much on the road outside of the Arctic Fox. That’s because, for decades, Northwood has set the standard for keeping people warm in the coldest winter RV destinations.
  9. The Keystone Montana – This flagship of fifth-wheels brings maximum luxury to the road and is equipped with the latest tech for a winter road trip. For example, Montana has a heated underbelly, heated tanks, and heated dump valves that are insulated and enclosed. It also uses the thickest insulation throughout to keep the whole place warm on even the coldest of trips.

The phrase winter RV destinations might sound like an oxymoron because many RVs aren’t equipped to beat the winter cold. But with the right preparation and an understanding of the right types of RVs for winter road trips, you and the family can open the door to exciting adventures this season.  

Krista Doyle, Outdoorsy Author

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