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What does the 90-day inspection entail, and who can do it?

As an owner, we suggest you inspect your rig before and after every rental. We also require a more technical inspection every 90 days. Owners can complete the inspections by following the process below and taking photos to document the process, or they can have a professional mechanic complete the assessment. Below are the key elements of a thorough 90-day inspection in order to rent on Outdoorsy and remain properly insured. 


Tires are the number one cause of RV and trailer accidents. Always inspect your tires for wear and irregularities. First, check the date on the side of the tire to assess the original lifespan of the rubber. Then, check the tread and make sure there’s at least 50% of the original depth. Consistently check tire pressure as well and confirm tires have no leaks or defects. Tires must be 6 years old or newer.


Inspect brakes regularly. If you’re unsure, always take your RV or trailer to a qualified mechanic who can measure and test brakes with the proper tools. 


All RVs require comprehensive service. As a starting point, follow your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and a professional mechanic’s advice. Before renting your vehicle, all lighting and accessories must work properly. RVs and trailers with auxiliary appliances, like refrigerators and generators, should be inspected to ensure those appliances are working properly as well. Awnings, slide-outs, and other accessories must all be in working order too. 

Proper inspections, maintenance, and repairs make the rental process easier and more enjoyable for all Outdoorsy owners and renters. As an owner, you’ll get better reviews, reduce the chances of mechanical failures, and greatly increase the chances of a fun—and safe—customer experience.