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Am I allowed to decline potential renters?

When folks look at listing an RV on Outdoorsy, they usually have these questions floating around their minds:

Am I allowed to decline potential renters?

What if I’m nervous about renting my RV?

What kind of renters do you get?

Can I block off dates when I don’t want my RV rented – like when I’m using it for vacation?

The short answer to all these questions is that you, as an owner on our platform, have total control over who rents your RV and when they rent it. Let’s break down exactly how that works:

Am I allowed to decline potential renters?

Yes, yes, and yes 🙂 You’re in the driver’s seat — you control pricing, availability, cancellation policy, and booking policies for your RV. 

For example, if you have a large travel trailer, you could respond to a prospective renter by asking them about their towing experience, gathering details on their tow vehicle, and even requesting pictures of vehicles they’ve towed in the past.

Remember too that all renters on our platform need to pass a multi-part driver verification before qualifying to rent with us.

What if I’m nervous about renting my RV?

There is little letting go that has to happen for all of us! But remember, many of these RVers are just like you — either looking to rent before they buy, or hit the open road to find their next adventure.

To dip your toe in a bit, you can check out thousands of renter reviews. Also, you can always decline any request that doesn’t make you 100% comfortable.

We also have the best insurance in the business and 24/7 roadside assistance included with every rental to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Your rig will be covered by up to $1 million in insurance for each booking you make. 

What kind of renters do you get?

The RV bug is catching on with everyone, everywhere. Outdoorsy draws all types of renters—from young millennials to retired couples, international travelers, families and sports fanatics. By renting out your rig, you’ll get the chance to meet these wonderful people and to help them feel the love for the outdoors.

Not every renter will be the perfect fit for your RV though. That’s why you don’t have to accept every request. Talk to the renter about their experience and plans, and respectfully decline when you feel like another vehicle would better suit them.

Can I block off dates when I don’t want my RV rented – like when I’m using it for vacation?

Yep! And you may also be asking yourself – how do I block off dates on my calendar?

The first thing to know with your booking calendar is that keeping it up to date is a vital part of being the best Outdoorsy owner you can be. Having to decline requests due to your calendar showing available for dates that really aren’t, can affect your owner stats and no one wants that! Plus it’s always a bummer for a renter to land on a rig as cool as yours to then find out it’s not available. 

There are several reasons why you may not be able to rent out your rig on certain days, one of them being when you’ve finally decided to treat yourself to a vacation so you’re using it personally. 

There is a simple process to make sure that your calendar is always up to date! Follow these steps to block off dates that are unavailable. 

  1. Go to My listings in your owner dashboard
  2. Select the listing of the calendar you wish to update 
  3. Click on “availability” 
  4. Input the dates that are not available and double-check that the box beside your dates says Unavailable.
  5. Click “Set availability” 

Once you have completed those steps, your calendar will be updated and renters will no longer be able to request a booking for those dates. 

If ever you need to unblock dates that you previously set as unavailable, just follow the same steps but once you get to step 4, change the box beside your selected dates to “available” and hit the “set availability” button. Your rig will then reappear in the search for those days and renters can send over requests. 

Pro tip – Sometimes things come up suddenly so setting a weekly reminder on your smartphone to update your Outdoorsy calendar can help eliminate the chances of forgetting to block off dates!