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How do I create a discount code?

Did you know that Outdoorsy allows owners to create personalized discount codes for their RV rentals? This tool can be super helpful in increasing your bookings, regardless of the time of year—after all, sometimes having a coupon in hand is all the convincing someone needs to make a decision.

So, how do you go about creating a discount code? Simply log into your Dashboard on Outdoorsy and follow these steps:

  1. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner of your screen 
  2. Select account 
  3. Select discount codes 
  4. Click on + Discount code

The type of discounts you can offer your renters are endless! Here are a few examples of the most common reasons an owner creates a discount code. 

Returning Renter. Do you have a renter that fell in love with your rig on their first trip so they are coming back for more? You can create a discount code that you give to returning renters only as a thank you for choosing your rig again. All you have to do is give that returning renter the name of the code you created and they can apply it during the checkout process. 

Friend and Family Discount Do you have family and friends that would love to rent your rig but might expect a cheaper price than the average Joe? Having a friend and family discount code is a great way to make sure your rig is still being safely rented through the platform but also making sure they feel extra special.

Seasonal discount. You can create seasonal discounts which you can choose to have applied automatically during the selected season. Or you can give a renter the name of the code and have them enter it during the checkout flow. 

Choose to create a booking discount of $50, 5% or any amount your heart desires. Whether you choose to have your discount code apply automatically or have the renter apply it during check out, you’re ready to spread the word on social media or mention it to inquiring renters. Who doesn’t love a discount code?

While we love giving the opportunity to owners to create their own discount codes, Outdoorsy also generates our own discount codes as well. It is important to note that any discount code created by Outdoorsy will only be deducted from the Renter fee and will not affect the pricing or payout of the owner.