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How to screen guests beyond driver verification

As you probably know, Outdoorsy conducts a Risk Assessment and driver verification for each guest to help ensure only qualified guests can book. And although Outdoorsy goes above and beyond to screen guests for you, it never hurts to establish your own process for vetting potential guests to ensure you feel confident hosting them.

To give you that extra peace of mind before booking, some topics you may want to ask guests about before booking include:

  • Travel plans
  • Towing vehicles
  • RV experience

Travel plans

In general, this is great to ask so that you can offer any travel insight you may have. Hosts can share valuable tips for RV travel or popular destinations in the area to help guests plan the best and safest route. 

Additionally, asking questions about guests’ plans can ensure they don’t intend to take your rig anywhere you aren’t comfortable with it going, like a multi-day festival or off unmarked roads. 

Having an open discussion about travel plans will help make sure your RV is the right RV for their trip! 

Towing vehicles

As an experienced RVer, you know that not every vehicle has the capacity to tow an RV. It’s always important to check that the guest’s vehicle has the proper capabilities for your trailer. They should be able to find this information in their driver’s manual.

You also want to make sure they know how to tow a trailer, which leads us to the next topic — RV experience.

RV experience

Is your RV beginner-friendly? If not, you’ll want to determine if guests have the basic knowledge needed to safely drive away with your rig. Have they ever used an electric jack? Do they know the basics about heading to the dump station? If they don’t, that’s okay — some things can be easily taught!

We just recommend you take a few minutes to figure out what questions you can ask to see what experience guests have. You may even choose to meet with a guest a few days before the rental period to give a tutorial and help you gauge their level of comfort related to the rental.

Take some time getting to know your potential guests. This will prove beneficial for them and you as it helps make certain that your RV and the guest make the perfect match!