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What can I do to get the best reviews possible?

Better search results. More confident renters. There are so many reasons to shoot for five-star reviews. Here’s what our top owners suggest you do to get the best reviews:

  • Transparency is a BIG deal. Be really detailed and communicative with renters through the booking, rental and post-rental process. Let them know about any restrictions and penalties that could lead to extra charges so there are no surprises. And don’t hesitate to go the extra mile by providing cheat sheets, video walkthroughs and unexpected amenities.
  • Offer tips and recommendations for the region. Renters are often unfamiliar with the area(s) they plan to visit, and they’ll be happy for an extra reco or two, especially if it saves them research time. Some owners even take this a step further by providing guidebooks for nearby areas that renters might want to explore.
  • Provide the essentials whenever possible. Think about stocking your RV with all the basics, including kitchenware, cleaning supplies, linens, etc. as part of the rental package. This is the beauty of a private rental—and what renters are looking for when they come to Outdoorsy. It helps create a positive, hassle-free experience for the renter.
  • Extra, extra! Offering extras—either charged as add-ons or included in the rental—can help attract more rentals and upgrade any trip. Do you have a BBQ setup or children’s games that can be included? Bikes and bike racks? Talk to your renter as the reservation gets closer to see if there’s anything you have on hand that’ll make their trip more enjoyable.
  • Embrace prep time. We know your time is precious, but doing a thorough prep of your vehicle and creating a checklist prior to your rental departure will help avoid frustrations or delays. You might even discover issues you were unaware of since your last rental. (Prep fees aren’t unheard of, so consider this when creating your listing).
    • Don’t forget: Departure and return forms. Go to your dashboard and print these out. You and your renter will review and sign-off on key criteria like vehicle inspections, mileage, equipment and extras so you’re both on the same page.
  • ASK! It sounds simple, but taking the time to ask your renter to promptly let you know if anything is less than 5-star during the trip and then messaging them to offer you an honest review after the trip is a winning strategy.