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What is the standard practice regarding drop off and pick up?

When it comes to private rentals like this, there’s no industry standard. We’re neither a hotel nor a rental car company. We get it! Aligning on times that work for both the renter and owner takes flexibility and understanding.

As a general rule, renters will be very understanding if you have a 9-5 job that limits your available pick-up/drop-off times. The key is to keep lines of communication open and work to find a mutually agreeable time.

Lastly, be sure to give yourself enough time between drop-off and pick-up to prepare your RV for the next rental. It is important to be clear with your renter about when they’ll be returning your RV and any late fees you charge if they bring it back late. 

How can I best prepare before my renters pick up my RV?

We’ve put together this pre-arrival checklist that you should go through ahead of each rental to ensure a great and safe experience for your renters. 

What are the frequently asked questions at pick-up?

Renters will generally ask vehicle clarification questions. For example, they might ask questions about how the hookups work, how RV electrical systems function, how the generator works, etc. That’s why you’ll always want to do a walkaround with your renter during pick-up where you show them how to operate all your RV’s systems.

Renters might also ask for recommendations related to their trip such as must-see attractions near you or RV friendly campgrounds in your area. Because of this, many of our successful owners create a guidebook of local attractions and leave it in the RV. 

How do I offer delivery to renters?

As an owner, you can charge an add-on fee to deliver your RV to the renter’s driveway, campsite, or even the airport. You can set the radius you’ll deliver to so you never go further than you’d like

This is an increasingly popular feature on our platform because many renters might want an RV without the stress of towing and setup. You can activate and customize the delivery feature when listing your RV. From your listing dashboard, simply navigate to Manage Vehicles > Pricing.

What about insurance when I’m delivering? 

It’s important to remember that most, if not all, personal insurance carriers will not provide coverage for any business use, including delivery. To that end, we’re thrilled to be the first and only RV marketplace to offer insurance coverage while you are delivering your rig to your renters, giving you additional peace of mind on top of your $1M liability protection during the booking period. Here are some important details to keep in mind about delivery coverage:

  • Comprehensive and Collision: Your deductible during the delivery period will match the renter’s elected deductible per their bundle (e.g. if your renter chooses the peace of mind package with a $1500 deductible, this will be your deductible should you experience a loss during delivery for that specific booking); please note you as the owner are responsible for the deductible during the delivery period.
  • Liability: Your liability coverage will match the minimum financial requirement in the state you are delivering in.
  • The delivery must be the same day the booking starts in order to qualify for coverage; if you plan on delivering the night before, the booking must be extended for the extra night through Outdoorsy.
  • You must be on the way to deliver your RV to your renter to qualify for coverage; this means the route directly to the delivery location without additional stops; for example, if you stop for gas along the way you would be covered from your last stop (the gas station) to the delivery location only.
  • We currently do not offer coverage for the pickup period (when you pick up the RV after the trip is completed). Since the booking period is over, your personal insurance should cover you on the way home (please note that if your personal carrier denies coverage during your return home, notify us immediately at claims@outdoorsy.com).
  • The delivery driver must be the listed owner in order to qualify for this coverage.

How do I prepare for pick up?

If the renter is bringing your RV back to you, reach out to them the day before their return date to confirm the drop-off time and location. Have a copy of your RV Return Form, so you can make everything quick and painless. If there is damage or additional cleaning charges, note them on the return form and have your renter sign off so they’re aware of the charges they’ll incur.

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