Need Christmas Cash? 10 Reasons to List Your RV on Outdoorsy

Shelley DennisDecember 11, 2018

Need Christmas Cash? 10 Reasons to List Your RV on Outdoorsy

Do you have an RV, campervan or travel trailer that only gets used two weeks out of the year? Have you thought about putting it to work for you, instead of allowing it to sit gathering dust until the next family vacation?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash to cover the cost of all those Christmas gifts—or maybe you’d like to boost up your kids’ college fund—consider renting your RV out through Outdoorsy, the nation’s leading peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace.

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By listing your RV, campervan, or adventure vehicle on Outdoorsy, you can:

  1. List it for free with a company that will handle the marketing and the rentals for you. There is a small transaction fee taken from the booking costs, so you don’t pay any money upfront.
  2. Be covered by a $1 million insurance policy for both you and the renter.
  3. Rent safely to drivers who have passed an extensive driving history and DMV check. Photo Tripping America - List Your RV - Outdoorsy
  4. Meet the renters and make them familiar with your RV before taking it out on the road. You can show them how all the systems work and give them travel suggestions.
  5. Have peace of mind that your renters will have 24/7 roadside assistance available to them in the case of an emergency.
  6. Feel great about introducing new campers to the RV life! If they enjoy their rental experience, they may come back and rent from you again.
  7. Make money on property that would otherwise be considered a depreciating asset—while also letting your RV see more than just the driveway. Photo Tripping America - List Your RV - Outdoorsy
  8. Be free of the hassle of collecting payments and let Outdoorsy do the work for you. Your payment will appear in your bank account 24 hours after a successful rental.
  9. Build a thriving side business. You’ll find renting your RV through Outdoorsy is such a worry-free experience that you will continue listing it throughout the year.Photo Tripping America - List Your RV - Outdoorsy
  10. Cover the cost of your RV purchase…and then some! If you are paying on a loan for your trailer or motorhome, the rental income you receive could easily cover those payments. In fact, the possibility of earning income could finance your purchase of a new RV.

Put your RV to work for you!

If you’re still on the fence, consider this: That fifth wheel or Winnebago in your backyard is losing value every year, but it is valuable to you when your family uses it for a summer vacation, or your hunting buddies need lodging in the fall.

Why not allow it to become an asset the rest of the year by earning income through peer to peer renting? You decide what dates the RV is available, so you’ll be able to enjoy that vacation or hunting trip AND make some $$ when you’re not playing in the great outdoors. Outdoorsy will make it easy for you to have your cake and eat it, too!

I'm a mountain gal who gave it all up to hit the road full-time with my Golden Retriever, Sully. Together we explore the back roads of America, documenting the beauty of our country and the people that make her great!

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