Airbnb on Wheels

Team OutdoorsyJune 30, 2016

Airbnb on Wheels

If you’ve ever stayed in an out-of-the-way Airbnb that blew your mind, you know how satisfying it is to find an affordable, unusual place to stay while traveling. And what’s more unusual than staying in apartment that you can drive? If you’re curious about RVs, rent one on, where RVs are the new Airbnb.

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If you own an RV, did you know you can make money when you aren’t cruising through the countryside? Profit from the growing trend of user-to-user vacation rentals. Your RV can become your greatest investment, serving as a traveling Airbnb for adventurers just like you.

When you first bought your RV, you probably envisioned taking adventurous excursions across the country. You probably didn’t consider the profitable investment that your RV could be. However, by renting your RV out to vacationers when you’re not using it, you can find yourself collecting daily rent, allowing you to accrue profits from an RV that would be otherwise sitting in your driveway unused.


RVs are a fun and attractive transportation method for vacationers of all ages and lifestyles. The appeal of an all-inclusive unit, which adventurers can use to both travel and sleep, as well as its functionality, make RVs increasingly popular among travelers. However, with a hefty price tag, folks might not be willing — or able — to purchase an RV of their own. As an RV owner, you hnew the key to a unique vacation option that many would-be travelers desire. By discovering a way to share your RV, you can collect some profits, while giving your RV tenants a vacation that they will never forget.

Much like Airbnb has gained popularity thanks to its array of lodging options at a variety of price points, Outdoorsy offer similar appeal with RV rentals. Travelers can compare RV sizes and amenities to find a ride that perfectly suits their needs — and their budget. You set the rental price, allowing you to determine how much an unforgettable vacation in your RV is worth. So, wash and wax that RV, take some pictures of its cozy interior and transform your ride into a profitable venture. All of the information you need to get going is on

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