Owner of the Week: Adrianne & Edward Illingworth

Chelsea GonzalesSeptember 15, 2022

Owner of the Week: Adrianne & Edward Illingworth

“After taking our toddler tent camping, we knew we never wanted to tent camp again, a luxury we didn’t have as children,” Outdoorsy owner Adrianne Illingworth explains to us. The solution, of course, was an RV. “Someday, they’ll get to tent camp, but for now, camping with kids is so much easier with a trailer. I know there’s a mom out there that just laughed because it’s true!”

Adrianne & Edward Illingworth

Unfortunately, Adrianne and her husband had to wait for their home-on-wheels. “We finally decided to purchase our trailer once we knew we could afford it,” Adrianne tells us. “It was something we knew we wanted, as we spend a lot of time out of the house. We wanted to be able to go anywhere at any given time and have a safe and comfy place to call home.” 

They chose a beautiful Heartland Northtrail, and it has taken them on many great adventures. Their favorite adventures are those that take them off-road. “We love taking our Can-Am out and trail riding with friends,” Adrianne says. 

Yes, the Illingworths did the responsible thing and waited until they could afford their trailer before they made the purchase. They still had plans to make back the cost of the RV though! “We bought it with the idea we could potentially rent it,” Adrianne tells us. “We had actually rented from Outdoorsy a few years prior for the Mountain Home Country Music Festival, and we had a great experience! We chose to rent our trailer out through Outdoorsy because of that past experience and the insurance coverage. We knew we would be protected if anything were to occur from renting our unit.”

Adrianne & Edward Illingworth

The couple’s business took off immediately. “We were getting bookings within the first week it was listed,” Adrianne recalls.  “Within three weeks, we had almost our entire summer booked out! Renting has paid for the cost of ownership. One summer season paid for a year’s worth of payments, which makes owning a trailer much more justifiable, even if you’re not a super huge camp family.”

Adrianne says the secret to their success isn’t a secret at all. It’s as simple as good old-fashioned quality customer service. “We’ve been business owners for several years and know that customer satisfaction is huge,” she explains. “We cater to our clients to make their stay as easy as possible. As an example, we provide unlimited use of our generator. It gets hot in Idaho (especially this year). We want everyone to be comfortable. We don’t want to nickel-and-dime for what we believe are basic essentials. I hope that our RV allows people who wouldn’t otherwise go on an adventure to camp and travel with ease.”

Since starting their business, Adrianne and Edward have met this goal numerous times, providing a huge number of people with an easy and fun camping experience. “We have had some amazing renters this summer,” Adrianne says. “One individual took his girlfriend on a surprise camping trip for her birthday. She was shocked and excited. They had a blast and really made us feel good about it. They were just very kind and took great care of our trailer. We would definitely love to have them again!”

All About Adrianne and Edward

Adrianne & Edward Illingworth

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee/Bloody Mary.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Breakfast burritos.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “’80s rock and country.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Cards Against Humanity.”

Favorite season: “Fall.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Everywhere and nowhere in particular. We love just going, no matter where it is!”


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