Owner Of The Week: Adrianne Gessner

Chelsea GonzalesJanuary 5, 2023

Owner Of The Week: Adrianne Gessner

Adrianne Gessner is an Outdoorsy owner from Las Vegas. She knows that her backyard is an incredible place, and that knowledge led to the opening of her RV rental business, Quill Adventures. “We live in such an amazing area, I wanted to allow others the ability to experience all that we have,” she explains. 

Scenic drive near Las Vegas, NV

With that goal in mind, Adrianne set out to find the perfect RV. “We wanted to accommodate families,” she tells us. “We get a lot of foreign travelers, so we wanted to allot as much room as possible to stretch out while still being on the smaller side to get around easily.” She landed on a lovely class C RV, which has been ideal for the needs of her renters. 

Of course, she needed a place to list the RV and a way to insure her rig while others were out playing with it. This is where Outdoorsy came into play. “We’ve explored other platforms, but Outdoorsy has by far been the best,” Adrianne says. “24/7 customer service, amazing options on their site giving owners tons of flexibility and not hindering the way they want to control their units and platform.”

On top of all that, Outdoorsy has also helped advertise Adrianne’s RV, ensuring she had plenty of business from the get-go. “We had a booking within the first week of going live on the Outdoorsy site,” she shares. “We’ve earned around $20,000 in our first 6 months.”

RV for rent near Las Vegas

Adrianne’s success is incredible. While Outdoorsy certainly has helped her grow her business, Adrianne has put in a lot of work and clearly knows what she’s doing. Therefore, it makes sense for new Outdoorsy owners to take the advice she so willingly shared. “Do your research and make contacts and ask questions,” she offers. “Explore options in your area and make sure you’re buying the right unit. If you’re new to RVing, I suggest renting first to explore unit options and to get familiar with how the process works.”

In six months of renting, Adrianne has had a number of renters. Her favorite rental experiences? “We love when families come in from different countries,” she tells us. “Our climate blows them away, being in the desert. They are in complete awe when they tell us all the amazing sights they saw on their trip.”

Of course, Adrianne hopes her renters have an amazing time no matter where they visit from. “We hope our RV gives all renters the opportunity to explore and be one with nature,” she shares. “We as a world have become so accustomed to the daily grind and need a break to slow down and reconnect.”

All About Adrianne 

Outdoorsy owner of the week Adrianne Gessner

Favorite morning beverage: “Matcha latte.”

Favorite campsite meal: “I like keeping it old school with burgers and dogs.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Country.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Any card game. The kids love Uno.”

Favorite season: “Spring.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Hit all the major National Parks in Montana and Wyoming.”


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