Owner of the week: Jeff Parkerson

Chelsea GonzalesJuly 19, 2022

Owner of the week: Jeff Parkerson

Owner Jeff Parkerson is a real go-getter, so when he learned about Outdoorsy, he knew he had to give it a try. “My neighbor was renting his RV on Outdoorsy,” Jeff recalls, “so I wanted to try it out myself.” From that idea, Denton’s Best RV was born!

The crazy thing? Jeff didn’t even own an RV at the time. “I only bought an RV to rent it,” he explains. “I chose my first RV for curb appeal. It stood out because of the colors: blue and silver.”

Jeff Parkerson

Once listed on Outdoorsy, that initial RV used its curb appeal to land Jeff some renters pretty darn fast. “I got my first booking the day after delivery of my first RV,” Jeff says. And from there, the business grew quickly.

Denton’s Best RV now has a whole fleet of RVs. “In our three years, we’ve earned over $500K,” Jeff shares. “We’ve recently opened our own RV repair shop and have four full-time employees to help make the business run smoothly and help our customers have a great experience. We also have our own pressure-washer rig and employees to keep our RVs detailed.”

Of course, it hasn’t all been perfect, and there have been some incidents. “We’ve had to file many claims with all of the RVs that we manage,” Jeff explains. “We still feel safe renting our RVs on Outdoorsy. Our staff makes sure our maintenance is documented, we do thorough walk-throughs, and we take thorough checkout photos to ensure our claims will go through.”

The insurance isn’t the only thing Jeff likes about the Outdoorsy platform. “Outdoorsy also has great SEO, so customers can find us easily,” he explains. “It’s a great platform and reduces the work with ID verification and insurance. Plus, it’s easy to chat with support to get assistance when needed.”

Jeff Parkerson

Another great thing about renting on Outdoorsy? Meeting people. “We’ve met a lot of great renters—anywhere from the professional outdoors types, to the newbies testing out RVs,” Jeff tells us. “We’ve had celebrities, including professional athletes, rock stars, and actors. Our biggest clientele is [made up of] military veterans and law enforcement customers.”

One of Jeff’s favorite renters used the RV to take a truly life-changing trip. “He met me at the dealership while I was signing the paperwork on delivery, and took off straight from the lot,” Jeff recalls. “They went down to the hill country to ride motorcycles, and he proposed to his wife in our RV!

“I love when our renters come back and share stories with us about how great their experience was,” he continues. “I hope our RVs bring joy to our renters.”

All About Jeff

Favorite morning beverage: “Diet Dr. Pepper (no coffee for me).”

Favorite campsite meal: “Grilled steaks or grilled chicken.”

Music you like to play on the radio:Hair Nation on Sirius XM.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “My 9-year-old says Roblox.”

Favorite season: “Late fall (November).”

Last photo you took: “My dog with his stuffed sheep.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “I would like to go see Montana.”


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