Owner of the week: Lance Bohannan

Chelsea GonzalesMay 20, 2022

Owner of the week: Lance Bohannan

“All of my favorite camping memories revolve around the people I share them with, and the places we have seen together,” Lance Bohannan tells us. “As a child, my family and extended family would park a trailer at a special campground in the Sierra Nevadas, and we would all take turns enjoying it throughout the summer. The stories we could share about fishing, hiking, campfires, scenery, wildlife, etc. are a bond that is unique.”

Of course, Lance wanted to share those magical experiences with his own kids. That’s how he ended up being an RV owner himself. “We bought our RV to get out and enjoy nature, making memories as a family without the distractions of daily life,” he explains. 

Lance Bohannan with his family

That said, the family didn’t start renting their rig right away. “We did not know of Outdoorsy when we purchased our first RV,” says Lance. “After some time of owning that RV, we learned about the service Outdoorsy provides and thought, ‘What a great way to monetize this large investment we have and share it with others!’” And share they did. 

“From the time we first listed our RV, we had bookings and interest within just a few days,” Lance recalls. From there, Trailhead RV Rentals really took off. “We have generated over $300K in three years renting our RVs through Outdoorsy.” This huge amount of success even allowed the business owner to quit his job in finance and share his love of RVing with others full-time. 

Two RVs against mountainside

As Trailhead RV Rentals has grown, so has its fleet. “We have owned lots of RVs over the years, from trailers to diesel pushers,” shares Lance. “Currently we have a fleet of Class C RVs because they are the most complete and easiest-to-operate options for our renters. We have eight of them at this time.”

Would Lance recommend Outdoorsy to others? “Yes, it’s a great platform for anyone to use,” he says. “Outdoorsy makes the entire process possible. It’s easy to create a listing, easy to communicate and organize your bookings with customers, and they are always there for us when we need additional help.”

Of course, starting a rental business isn’t all easy breezy. “Starting any business has challenges,” Lance reminds us. “Your success will be dependent upon your resolve to overcome these obstacles. The better plan you have, the better you will do. Make sure you are prepared for that journey.”

All About Lance

Lance Bohannan

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Tri-tip.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Country.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Cornhole.”

Favorite season: “Summer.”

Last photo you took: “An RV headed out with some renters.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Glacier National Park or the beach.”


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