Owner Of The Week: Matt Bussell

Chelsea GonzalesDecember 2, 2022

Owner Of The Week: Matt Bussell

Owner Matt Busell fell in love with RV camping a long time ago. “My favorite camping memory is an RV trip I took with my grandparents when I was a kid,” he shares. “I guess I could say I was bitten by the RV camping bug back then, and always wanted my own RV after that trip.”

Unfortunately, it would be a while before Bussell got an RV of his own. He got busy with his career as a teacher and then jumped right into another endeavor. “I’ve been running a girl’s cottage alongside my wife at a children’s home for the past 8 years,” Matt tells us. “We have fostered over 40 girls, and currently have 7 of them in addition to our biological son.”

The Bussell RV rental family

Oddly enough however, it was this endeavor that eventually led the Bussells to finally purchase that first RV. “Since we live at our job, we basically work 24/7, but they give us one week off duty each month,” Matt explains. “We were spending barrels of money on hotels so we could get away on our time off. We decided it made sense to try an RV instead.”

At that point, Matt and his wife had no plans to start a rental business. However, fate had plans for them. “I heard of Outdoorsy after purchasing that first RV,” Matt recalls. “I did not have plans to rent it out but got curious after learning about the peer-to-peer market. I decided to try it out.”

As you might have guessed, Matt’s plans were absolutely perfect. “My first RV was booked within two hours of listing it,” he says. Not only that, but the business grew quickly after that first booking. “I now own a Fireside RV franchise,” Bussell tells us. “We currently have three RVs, and we plan to expand. We definitely make more than $15K in each busy season.”

Class C from Fireside RV Rentals

Of course, Matt did have his concerns when he first began renting. “I think every RV owner is concerned with their RV being damaged,” Matt tells us. “It happens, but Outdoorsy insurance has always taken care of it quickly when I’ve had to deal with it.”

Bussell would happily recommend Outdoorsy to owners who are new to the rental world. “I would recommend Outdoorsy for sure,” he says. “It’s an easy-to-use platform, and they have excellent marketing. Just remember that renting is a business. Most customers are great…some are challenging. Don’t get emotionally attached to your rig. If something happens, get it fixed, and move on.”

Travel trailer for rent

As of this writing, Matt has been renting his rigs on Outdoorsy for five years, and he has no plans to stop. Through all of his rental experiences, Matt has maintained one main goal. “My hope for renters is they get to experience the freedom that only an RV offers, and they create family memories that will be talked about for decades,” Bussell shares. We think he’s doing a wonderful job offering that both to renters and to his wife and himself!

All About Matt

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee (lots of it).”

Favorite campsite meal: “Don’t know what it’s called, but it’s potatoes, sausage, and vegetables all mixed together in a big pot, and cooked on the campfire.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “’80s rock.”

Favorite season: “Summer. I love the heat, and the busy season!”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “I would love to go to Alaska…In the summer.”

Matt Bussell and son


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