Owner of the Week: Servando Partida

Chelsea GonzalesNovember 18, 2022

Owner of the Week: Servando Partida

For Servando Partida, becoming an RV owner just made sense. “My wife and I have been big outdoorsy people since we met,” Servando tells us. “We love going on hikes and camping. We had our firstborn daughter in 2015 and were still camping in tents. When our second daughter was born in 2019, we decided it was time to get something comfortable for the kids (and us too).”

The Partida Family

It turned out this was the perfect decision for the Partida family. “We picked our first trailer because it had the two bunks in the back for the kids and the queen-sized bed for us,” Servando explains. “It was just the right size to go camping once a month! I remember we actually took it out four times in the first three months of owning it.”

Yes, the family was now hooked, but they knew they couldn’t always be out in the trailer. That’s when Outdoorsy came into the picture. “My wife found Outdoorsy and suggested we should rent the trailer out versus letting it just sit in the driveway,” Servando recalls. “I was okay with it and decided I would be good with renting it out once a month.”

Camper in Palm Trees

So, the couple listed their RV. “We posted our first trailer in February of 2021 and got our first booking in March,” Servando says. “Then we started getting really busy. We had to block out the dates we wanted to use the RV ourselves six months in advance!”

At this point, the Partidas knew it was time to add a second RV to their fleet. “When we got our first trailer, we started inviting my parents and brothers to go camping with us. Since our first trailer was doing great on Outdoorsy, we thought, ‘Why not buy another one for them to stay in when they camp with us and we can also rent it out?’ So in March of this year, we bought our second trailer, the Keystone Hideout.”

Believe it or not, even those two trailers weren’t enough. “After a few months, we saw a demand for motorhomes,” Servando tells us. “We purchased the motorhome in June of this year. Took us about two months to redo the inside and make it feel more modern. We posted it at the end of August and got our first inquiry within the week.”

Curious about the reason for Servando’s rental success? “My wife loves to decorate the interior, and I feel that is what has helped us get so many bookings,” he says. “It looks nicer than just a generic trailer. We also post nice pictures and make sure we capture all the decorations and extra details that my wife puts into them. A lot of our customers tell us they picked ours because it was done up nicely and it stood out to them. 

“I also love to over-communicate and provide the best customer service that I can. It’s not cheap to rent a trailer, so I want to make sure people feel like they will get their hard-earned money’s worth.”

We couldn’t help but wonder, what kinds of people are the Partidas renting to? “There is a mix of people on the platform, from veteran campers that used to own their own trailers to first-time campers,” Servando explains. “I love meeting the veterans because then we get to talk about trailers and trucks, and I love introducing the first-timers to the camping world and teach them everything there is to know about camping and hope their families have a great time!

“I hope that people fall in love with the outdoors and realize that we have so much to see in our backyard right here in southern California.”

All About Servando

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee, duh!”

Favorite campsite meal: “Believe it or not, frozen pizza.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “’90s hip hop, alternative rock, heavy metal, Mexican corridos.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “There is this game called Avocado Smash.”

Favorite season: “Fall because it’s nice and cold and you get to bundle up around a campfire.”

Last photo you took: “Picture of the pork shoulder butt that I’m going to smoke over the weekend for some pulled pork sandwiches.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Glacier National Park.”


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