Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Publicado el January 25, 2021

When Todd and Carolyn Beehm decided to rent their RV in early 2019, they weren’t really sure where to begin. “Before we started, I didn’t know renting an RV from an individual was even possible,” Todd admits. “When we decided to give it a try, I called our insurance agent to inquire about business insurance for RV rental, and they were clueless. They even referred me to another company for help, and they had no idea either.”

Fortunately, the couple knew to turn to the internet. “Google [came] to the rescue, and I came upon the Outdoorsy site,” Todd says. “I did some research, reached out to Outdoorsy, and scheduled a conference call. They told us about the Wheelbase platform, and we knew that was the direction we wanted to go.”

The Beehm’s were go-getters from the beginning. “Our very first rental was for a family reunion, and the renter asked if we had any other campers available,” Todd recalls. “We didn’t at the time, but quickly went on the hunt for one for her and her family. Before her trip to Gettysburg, we did find our second rig, a 2014 Salem Cruise with a bunkhouse and an outdoor kitchen. Her brother rented that rig for the reunion for his family.”

That was just the start of what this couple has put into their growing business, BGR Rentals. When asked what they do for renters, Todd happily starts listing off some pretty awesome perks offered to anyone who rents his rigs. “Our trailers come fully stocked,” he begins. “We offer everything for them to get away and just relax. Carolyn and I make sure they know and understand how everything works, and give them our cell number so they can call with any questions or concerns they have, 24 hours a day, while they have our camper. We also ask about children and their ages so we can make sure to have age-appropriate color books, DVDs, games, and camp toys.”

These are pretty great services, but Todd listed one that he thinks makes his business stand out from others. “I think the biggest service we offer is delivery and setup. The renters tell us where to deliver to, we arrive, and our goal is to be all set up when they arrive. It usually blows them away when they pull up and within 5 minutes they are in vacation mode.” Of course, including a s’mores kit in every rental probably doesn’t hurt anything either.

What the Beehms are doing is working too! “In 2019 we had five rentals. In 2020 we had twenty rentals and covered all our expenses, in addition to making 34 camper payments in the six-month camping season,” Mr. Beehm shares. “We are proud to say that four of our original renters returned with us in our second year. The last one that didn’t return actually canceled all her travel plans for 2020 but referred her sister to us, and we look forward to a long relationship with her as well.”

Clearly, Todd and Carolyn are growing their business nicely. Their tip for new Outdoorsy owners? “We ask for honest reviews, anything we could add to the camper to make theirs and future renters’ experiences better,” Todd explains. “We have had some great feedback and have implemented many suggestions over the past two seasons.”

All About Todd

Favorite morning beverage: “Diet Dr. Pepper.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Burgers over an open flame.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Phase 10.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Country music.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “I’d travel to Glacier National Park in Montana.”

Chelsea Gonzales


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