The Perfect Affordable Ski Housing in Jackson Hole

Team OutdoorsyDecember 29, 2016

The Perfect Affordable Ski Housing in Jackson Hole

Skiing is an amazing way to spend a weekend or even a weeklong family vacation. One of the very best places in the country to do it is the Jackson Hole Resort in Wyoming. This resort is an incredible ski wonderland. But before you pull out your credit card to pay for a room in the pricey resort (that’s usually overbooked), you may want to weigh all of your lodging options. Here’s an idea for the perfect affordable ski housing in Jackson Hole that you won’t want to miss.

Perfect Affordable Ski Housing
The Jackson Hole Resort

For many people, the first thought that comes to mind when considering lodging for any sort of out-of-town vacation is a hotel. For others, the logical thing may seem to be renting a cabin. However, there is a third option that often goes unconsidered, meaning a great many people are leaving some fantastic benefits on the table. This option is to rent an RV, and stay at an RV park near the slopes.

Winter RVing at the Jackson Hole Campground
Winter RVing at the Jackson Hole Campground

While RVing may not seem like much of a vacation, it can actually be quite luxurious with the right kind of setup. Outdoorsy can help you find the rental, and you might be surprised to learn there are plenty of people out there who would love to have you to use their rig for a very reasonable fee.


RVing–even when a rental fee is involved–is much less expensive than almost any other lodging option in the Jackson Hole Resort area. This means you can have all the comforts of home at a fraction of the cost, and if you choose to stay in the Jackson Hole Campground, you are just five minutes from the ski resort.

affordable ski housing in Jackson Hole
This brand new Palomini Off Road Trailer is available for rent in Jackson!


Additionally, RV camping means you can go home after a long day of play in your very own space. There are no neighbors roaming the halls at all hours of the night, nor are there people in the room next door with the TV volume turned way too high. The privacy offered by an RV camping experience is absolutely glorious.

Kitchen Benefits

A third benefit to staying in an RV is the ability to cook in a kitchen of your own. This saves money and gives you and your family (or friends) the option to have home-cooked meals when fast food becomes tiresome.

These are just a few of the many benefits of renting an RV and choosing to camp at Jackson Hole Campground for your next vacation. Save your money for a new snowboard, snowshoes, or other awesome winter gear!

affordable ski housing in Jackson


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