How getting started with Outdoorsy is like starting your own RV rental business

May 9, 2017

How getting started with Outdoorsy is like starting your own RV rental business

In the community forum, owner Linda Mitchell Highley wrote about how she got started with RV rentals. She submitted this story as an entry in a “Getting Started” writing contest, where RV owners on Outdoorsy shared their own stories about how she got started in the RV rental business.

“Stepping Into the Unknown”

“Deciding to rent your RV is a big first step. Next come the questions of marketing your unit, insuring it during the rental period, handling payments and vetting your clients. Outdoorsy is the platform that guides owners through the process and offers unbeatable support.”

In her post, Linda went on to describe her first experience renting her RV. It did not go as planned. The very first time she rented out her RV, it got caught in a forest fire! Fortunately Outdoorsy was there with full insurance coverage and was able to cover the damages. While her RV was sitting in the repair shop, she got 5 rental requests. It was then that she began to see the potential for Outdoorsy to not only offset her payments, but to also provide her with a second income.

Start your RV rental business

Linda recommends that other Outdoorsy owners think of RV rental as they would think about starting their own business. The relationship building and detail-oriented business mindset can give owners better results and be more rewarding.

Rent Linda Highley Coachman Freelander RV on Outdoorsy
In her Coachman Freelander

“My advice to first timers is to immediately consider this a business – keep a file on each renter, use the documents and forms on Outdoorsy’s website, work with the Outdoorsy support team and begin building rapport with your renters. You will reap more rewards than the income you receive.”


Now with several bookings during the summer, Linda has already covered her RV payments for the year. Congratulations to Linda and thanks for contributing to the Outdoorsy RV Community! For winning the contest, Linda was given store credit to be used at the Outdoorsy gift shop.
You can read Linda’s stories as well as other Getting Started stories in our RV Community:


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